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Topic: how do I get Logic Platinum 6 to "see" GPO?

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    how do I get Logic Platinum 6 to "see" GPO?

    I\'m trying to get my copy of Logic Platinum 6 to \"see\" GPO. From what I can gather, I\'ve already got the appropriate plug-in folder somewhere on my hard drive. So my question is: do I move a folder from one location to another, and, if so, which folder and where does it go? Thanks for any help and sorry if this is obvious/already covered...!
    - robjohn

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    Re: how do I get Logic Platinum 6 to "see" GPO?

    It should be automatic. But you can check. Look inside the boot drive to the subfolders like this:


    If you don\'t see the final element in the above list (PersonalOrchestra.component) then for some reason the installer didn\'t put it there or its been moved.

    Then you need to have two more folders with files on your disk. With heirarchy like this:

    MacintoshHD/Applications/GarritanPersonalOrchestra(inside is the standalone program, html guides, registration tool, etc.

    and probably more importantly to operation:

    MacintoshHD/Applications/GPO Library
    (with all the instruments, multis and the .nks files.

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    Re: how do I get Logic Platinum 6 to "see" GPO?

    Thanks for your response. I have all of the files/folders you mentioned in the right places. Perhaps I\'m just doing something \"spastic\" from within Logic Platinum 6. I was under the impression that to \"see\" GPO, I click on an audio instrument track, then from the mixer window click on \"insert\". When I do this currently, it says \"no plug-in\", which is why I assumed that Logic couldn\'t \"see\" GPO. But perhaps there\'s something from within Logic I also need to do to point to GPO? Thanks for any help -
    - robjohn

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    Re: how do I get Logic Platinum 6 to "see" GPO?

    Logic 6 comes with soft synths. At least, they should be there.

    Isn\'t there a drop down menu?

    (opened up Logic) a-ha!

    I think you are trying to load GPO into a plug-in insert.

    The instruments are loaded down below and Just above the fader (also above the automation info)

    You have 2 other \"buttons\" that look just like the ones that are labeled inserts. The top is labeled I/O. That is where you shoose the softSynth.

    Hold the button down and naviagte to the right.

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    Re: how do I get Logic Platinum 6 to "see" GPO?

    You\'re a genius (and/or I\'m a dufus! :-)) - problem solved!
    Best -
    - robjohn

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