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Topic: Workaround to "stuck notes" issue in Logic

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    Workaround to "stuck notes" issue in Logic

    As you probably know, the Kontakt Player has always had a bug (when running as a plug-in in Logic) whereby if you stop a sequence in the middle of a sustained note, the note will sometimes keep sustaining (you\'ll hear it when you start the sequence again).

    At first I thought the only workaround was to remove and re-instantiate the plug-in (or close and re-open the entire file). But I found an easier way:

    After you stop the sequence, select the track where the stuck note exists, then hold down enough keys on your keyboard to exceed the polyphony assigned to that voice. The sound will then stop.

    Hardly elegant - but it does work.

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    Re: Workaround to "stuck notes" issue in Logic

    That happens with my sequencer (using GPO studio) unfortunately. It has a feature where moving your mouse pointer over a note will make it play, so I just run the mouse pointer over the staff to make the notes \"un-stick\" themselves.

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    Re: Workaround to "stuck notes" issue in Logic


    I have another, probably related, sticky notes problem with Logic 5.5 for Windows and GPO, which I find really irritating:

    In my case, as soon as I press the stop button, all notes are switched off. So far so good.

    But when I jump to the start of my song and press the play button again (or the record button), then the aborted notes (that were playing when I stopped the sequencer), are played again. The only solution I found is, as you already told, to select the track with the sticky note and press a few keys.

    I am working on a mockup of two pieces of Ravel\'s Mother Goose Suite. Often more then 5 instruments are sounding at the same time. So I can have 5 or more sticky notes on different tracks, so this means pressing a few keys for each track after restarting the sequencer. I also have to find out which of the in total 20 tracks gives the problem. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    Does this problem also occur in Cubase SX/SL?



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    Re: Workaround to "stuck notes" issue in Logic

    I\'ve had this same problem in Logic, and have found no solution, other than the workarounds you report. I have reported this to NI, and hopefully they will find the problem and correct it.

    I do not experience this in Cubase SX2 on PC, nor in Digital Performer on Mac.


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    Re: Workaround to "stuck notes" issue in Logic

    I reported this problem at the end of the year and spent some time on the phone with Tom. Last thing he told me was that NI was finally able to duplicate this problem, and that they would be working on it.

    Hey Tom, if you\'re there, any news on this front?

    L Hall

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    Re: Workaround to "stuck notes" issue in Logic

    I\'m also on logic 5.5 on XP and this problems\' killin\' me.

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    Re: Workaround to "stuck notes" issue in Logic

    No news so far from NI. Tonight I received the Logic environment from Peter (discussed on this thread: http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=18;t=001220 ) and I’m curious to see if it has any effect on this issue as well as the ones it was designed to correct. Logic has proven to be, by far, the most problematic of the sequencing platforms. I’m hoping we can at least find workarounds for the most irritating quirks.

    As one of the many orphaned PC Logic users I have been getting familiar with Sonar 3.1 recently and it has none of these problems on my system. It even has a nice feature for setting cc1 for each track to a moderate level automatically upon load of a template song file. I don’t have CubaseSX so I’d be curious to know how things are working on that platform. Anyway, when we (or our industrious users) have some strong Logic solutions to offer we will post them for everyone to use.


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    Re: Workaround to "stuck notes" issue in Logic

    Thanks Tom,

    How do you like Sonar?

    L Hall

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    Re: Workaround to "stuck notes" issue in Logic


    The audio/mixing features in Sonar 3.1 are first rate. I can’t say enough good things about this part of the program. On my system audio is very stable with low latency and the ability to route/configure leaves little room for criticism. The Sonitus EQ being hardwired into the channel strips is great and then there’s the Lexicon reverb. Very impressive. I like Sonar\'s audio/mixing better than Logic 5.5.

    Sonar handles VST instruments very well - much better than the incomplete support offered in Logic 5.5. It also doesn’t seem to suffer from some of the controller quirks that are so exasperating in Logic (look at all the posts).

    Sonar’s MIDI features are mostly fine although this is where I miss my Logic Environment. I’ve gotten used to relying upon the advanced Logic Environment features during my programming chores. I would feel better about it if I could at least discover a way in Sonar to do real-time controller remapping before the data reaches the tracks. This is essential for remapping things like cc2 to cc1 so that a breath controller could quickly and easily be used with GPO. If that feature is lurking in there someplace I haven’t found it yet. A separate program like Building Blocks could give me the Logic Environment features but it would be nice if the ability to do such advanced real-time MIDI manipulations was already built into Sonar.

    The only area in Sonar where I have a major criticism is the inadequate notation section which will be of almost no use to me – a big step down from Logic. The reason, 15 years ago, I chose Logic’s ancestor called “Notator” was because of its integrated notation. In the case of Sonar, acceptable notation will require a separate program like Overture, Finale, or Sibelius. I’d much prefer high quality notation to be fully integrated into Sonar just as it is in Logic (CubaseSX I think has a distinct advantage here on PC although I haven’t tried it yet). This may not be as important for others but I learned to read music notation before I learned to read English and I find it uncomfortable to separate it from the other aspects of music production.

    All in all, with the exceptions above, I generally like very much what I’ve explored so far. Sonar’s audio side is especially capable and that’s one of the most important things.


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    Re: Workaround to "stuck notes" issue in Logic

    Yes, this is a major issue that hopefully will be fixed soon. GPO is pretty much unusable in Logic! Yes, there is the workaround, but that is a complete buzzkill and not practical for any serious composing with this project.

    I don\'t see how NI can afford to not fix this as it affects the full version Kontakt as well. It\'s a shame as this is a great product that I am reluctant to use or recommend.


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