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Topic: need help setting up Logic with GPO "logically"

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    need help setting up Logic with GPO "logically"

    I am trying to avoid using a different instance of GPO for each separate GPO sound I want to play in Logic Platinum 6.3.3. Ideally I\'d like to have the option of accessing all 8 possible sounds within each single instance of GPO from Logic before opeing another instance but can\'t for the life of me figure out how this is done. I\'ve read previous posts on the topic but am afraid that I still can\'t make heads or tails of how to achieve this seemingly simple task, so I must ask: Could some helpful Logic/GPO user explain the most \"logical\" way to use Logic with several instances of GPO? Thanks for any help!

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    Re: need help setting up Logic with GPO "logically"

    Check this response from Yannitch. he showed me how.

    GPO and Logic

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    Re: need help setting up Logic with GPO "logically"

    Hi rjames. I checked out the thread you mentioned but must still be \"environment-deficient\" or something because I\'m having difficulty figuring out how to do what yannitch suggests (ie. how do I route a multi channel midi object to the audio instrument which contains kontakt, etc.?) I don\'t suppose you or someone else would consider emailing me a sample logic file with proper environment settings for Logic/GPO? (now I\'m starting to get greedy :-))...
    - robjohn
    email: ddjacksn@yahoo.com

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    Re: need help setting up Logic with GPO "logically"

    I don\'t have a logic file with me right now, but I use GPO with Logic 5.5 on a PC. (call me old) Anyhow, the thing with GPO is that GPO sends the first stereo output from the audio instrument\'s out (in the mixer) but the rest of the outputs are sent to the aux channels. So, check your aux channels. That\'s where the other channels are going to.

    Also, in the arrange window, setup your audioinstrument tracks so that the 8 instruments (playing a single instance of GPO) are assigned to the same audioinstruments channel. (the first one of the 8) Set the MIDI channel so that each of the 8 has its own MIDI channel or however you see fit.

    Well, it sounds confusing I know. But there\'s just no easy way to put it in words. (sounds logical?)

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    Re: need help setting up Logic with GPO "logically"

    Logic is a unique beast. Interesting fact - I intuitively figured out how to use GPO with virtually all of the major sequencers - except Logic.

    Anyway, here\'s my recipe. In the audio layer of the environment, create a multi-instrument. Cable it into an output track. Set the multi\'s midi channel to ALL. Arm eight channels in the multi, by clicking on them so that the diagonal lines disappear from them. Now you can create the corresponding Midi tracks for these eight channels by dragging the multi to the arrange window, tracks column.

    In the audio layer, insert the GPO plugin on the track you wanted. Outputs 1,2 will come out of this object. If you want to use multiple outputs, you can pick them up in aux tracks, of course you have to assign the outputs within GPO first.

    One word of caution - in Logic, any cc7 or 10 data in the midi track of any instrument feeding a multi act as automation for the multi. If your multi in the audio environment seems to have a mind of its own, as it did for me for a long time this is the reason.


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