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Topic: Solution for SUSTAIN and Midi cc

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    Solution for SUSTAIN and Midi cc

    We (and Gary) need to petition NI to send 2 AUs in every GPO package.

    One has sustain set and the other has Midi cc.

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    Re: Solution for SUSTAIN and Midi cc

    Why not just make a copy of it and name it lika GPO Piano? I did, and it works. (Great?)
    Its not as pro as getting two versions .. but its a very easy solution

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    Re: Solution for SUSTAIN and Midi cc

    see my last thread from a couple of days ago in here. on vst versions, you can copy the dll and rename it for a second version. this could be possible on au\'s as well. i have not tried it. Just do one install and then copy and rename the au.

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    Re: Solution for SUSTAIN and Midi cc

    Jonathan\'s right. For some reason it won\'t work for me and I have a feeling it\'s because I\'m using Sonar 2.2. For those of you having the same problems as me, both the Studio/GPO VST and Kontakt/GPO VST solutions work fine.

    I\'m determined, however, to find a solution with the dlls. Now all I have to do is find time...

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    Re: Solution for SUSTAIN and Midi cc

    Well, because there was that long thread about how to do it. I just assumed that the easy way didn\'t work.

    But I\'m going to do just that.

    thanks!! [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] Cool

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    Re: Solution for SUSTAIN and Midi cc

    Well, I thought the dll thing didn\'t work. Guess I better get new glasses.

    So, there never was a problem, just a page added to the manual. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Solution for SUSTAIN and Midi cc

    Yea, the original thread was fairly long. Robgb initially tried my suggestion, but could not get it to work at that time. I tried it later and found it to work without any problems. After I posted a new thread about it successfully working, I came to find out Robgb has Sonar 2.2. I don\'t know if that makes a difference, or if it was the vst wrapper he used. I am using Sonar 3 Pro with the included vst wrapper. So you read correctly, but there was another thread correcting it. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] If you have any questions, let me know.

    I did find a bug with either Kontakt player or the wrapper. It was using sustain in the kontakt player as a vst in Sonar. If you record a passage using the sustain pedal and go to play back the track, the track plays fine until you stop it midstream in playing back the recording(while the pedal was recorded down). The audio wants to continue to play a sustain of that note for another 15 seconds or so. This was reported on the cakewalk forum (as a vst wrapper bug) as well, but no solutions yet. It could be a kontakt bug...

    To get around this dilemna right now I use the dxi version in one instance with sustain and vst versions with the mod wheel. I haven\'t experienced the dxi bugs others have reported yet....

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    Re: Solution for SUSTAIN and Midi cc

    just FYI -- the dll copy/rename works great for Cubase SX. SX seems to scan your plugins folder each time it starts -- maybe you can force Sonar to do the same? somehow?

    This was a handy workaround for Halion when it was having problems w/ sample import... worked in one version, broken in the upgrade, fixed, but slightly different in the next upgrade, etc. Keeping copies of all dll versions allowed us to compare things side by side. I agree its worth pursuing, given time and patience [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Good luck!

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    Re: Solution for SUSTAIN and Midi cc

    My problems isn\'t getting sonar to recognize it. It\'s getting sonar to play nice after they\'re both loaded up. It freezes. Forces a reboot.

    I haven\'t tried it in Nuendo yet. But I will.

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