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Topic: Patch Changes?

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    Patch Changes?

    Did I read somewhere that GPO doesn\'t respond to patch changes? Why not? Is there any chance that this will be changed in an upgrade patch?

    I do most of my composing in SONAR and then import the MIDI into Finale for scoring. I go back and forth a lot, so I need my tracks to line up correctly between the score and the sequence (as opposed to separate tracks for arco/pizz, etc.).


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    Re: Patch Changes?

    Umm.. But if you change a patch, it has to be loaded into memory, and that may take a while?

    A solution i just thought of is to assign arco(?) and pizz to the same channel in an instance of gpo. Then use the volumecontrol to switch between them .. dont know if you can auto that controll though.

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    Re: Patch Changes?

    I would like to see NI add this feature as it is pretty basic. This same issue is with all libaries that use either Kompakt or Kontakt. The Overture SE bundles with GPO has many workarounds to get around this issue.

    Finale showed quite a bit of interest in integrating GPO with their product. This should help get fix issues as articulations and expression control.

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