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Topic: Known NI kontakt bug

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    Known NI kontakt bug

    as i have posted i have had problems with the kontakt player and logic. even with the most recent update. it causes my autoload not to load and when i load a file via new the gui that comes up responds in an erratic and unpredictable manner that makes it unworkable. (ie mouse issues, window issues, context menu issues).

    I had tried everything short of a full system overhaul including trying to reinstall GPO. I have tried taking out every AU i have just to make sure GPO was not getting along with one of them. The only thing that fixes the problem is isolating GPO from my AU folder which means i can\'t use it. (how frustrating is that).

    After much research today on osxaudio.com and sonikmatter i have found a string of documentation about a known bug in kontakt with logic with these exact symptoms and that a fix was due by at least the end of January. Seeing that our player is built on their kontakt engine this problem obviously stems from there. Hopefully they will fix it soon. I miss gpo and the standalone just does not do it for the projects i have due.

    just thought i would inform.

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    Re: Known NI kontakt bug

    don\'t ask me how this makes sense (another person or two have had the same result), but after I registered, It went away. Had every problem you are describing. The workaround I used until I registered, seemed to work...

    launch Logic ((launches but no screen comes up, right?)
    go to ..file>open recent (not open)

    once you\'ve done that you can open autoload without the gui mess... or a gooey mess for that matter

    give it a whirl.
    The gui issue has shown up with intakt users as well

    good luck


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    Re: Known NI kontakt bug

    i am already a registered user so that didn\'t work for me. So now i guess i just have to wait for a fix

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