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Topic: GPO on 2 computers

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    GPO on 2 computers

    I just got GPO. But before registering, I need to know if I can use it on 2 independent computers simultaneosly. I mean I bought the LICENSE to use it, myself...does it matter on how many PCs?

    I don\'t want to go into FX teleport....


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    Re: GPO on 2 computers

    Gary told me that the license covers two machines. I have it currently registered on two, and the server accepted it, so it must be true. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I hear that they let you unregister and re-register on another computer, but I haven\'t tried that yet.

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    Re: GPO on 2 computers

    I did register GPO at first on my PC laptop, but since I wanted to try both plattforms Mac and PC I put one licence on a desktop Mac and the other on a desktop PC. Deauthorizing and reauthorizing was no problem.

    IMHO PC plattform is by far far superior for GPO.....

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