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Topic: jaguar or panther?

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    jaguar or panther?

    Anyone know how much memory panther uses? I read on a previous thread that someone said something like 400mb! I just upgraded my computer to 1.2Gb RAM getting ready for GPO, but I\'m reluctant to install panther now. If panther takes 400mb itself there is no way I\'m upgrading! Anyone know how much mem to run jaguar? Seems to me people running jaguar are having good experiences with GPO....

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    Re: jaguar or panther?

    My system is using about 300 megs.

    10.2.8 Server (all web services turned off except firewall)

    Some people say panther does better with memory management (not use less though).
    I am not going to get panther for this box as panther will come pre-installed on a new computer that I plan on getting this summer.


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    Re: jaguar or panther?

    I have used GPO only with Panther. I use 2g. of ram, and get a lot done with it. Panther seems to be a little more stable for me with other software like DP, MachFive, the Spectrasonic’s instruments etc. Panther also offers a few nice enhancements. Unless you are planning to buy a new computer in the near future, you should load up with as much ram as you can. It makes a world of difference.

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