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Topic: Franchesco's- Till the End

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    Franchesco\'s- Till the End

    This is a very inspiring, beautifully crafted and moving piece of music. This man\'s musical talent and expertise are obvious. I for one, as a newbie to this world of software instruments/orchestral arranging, would love to know more about the technical mechanics of how the composer arrived at this.
    What recording platform did he use, did he structure each section in the DAW or did he do it all from notation software, how large was the final audio file etc.
    The reason I ask is when I add these GPO instruments to harmonize, say a nylon guitar melody in Pro Tools, I max out on CPU power much quicker than I would expect. I am using GPO as a plug-in on aux tracks with midi tracks to \"play\" the various samples in the Kontakt player. I get about 4-5 GPO instruments, some automation and perhaps an aux reverb track. Any ideas or advice from the very knowledgeable folks on this forum would be much appreciated, I\'m sure not just by me. Thanks.

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    Re: Franchesco\'s- Till the End

    Hi Gipsy,
    I will try to explain in my bad-bad english.
    I work on a PC P4 2400 hypetrheading with 1 gig of ram. I usually play and sequence what you hear, because to make good reluts from a notation program is much harder. First of all I WRITE my music with the old good paper,pencil and rubber. As I told many times in advance, an arranger should have all the orchestration in his mind first: it\'s much easier to know what to do after, to choose the right instruments and make the right expression, wasting less time in programming, and less CPU power doing a large amount of attempts.
    With GPO I\'ve noticed (as many people do) that is better to work with DRY patches because these ones require quite half memory power. On \"Till the end\" I\'ve splitted the violins section: using 4 instance of kontakt i put the strings this way

    gagl ens 1
    gagl ens 2
    gagl ens 3
    strad ens 1
    strad ens 2 (all these ones on midi channel 1 in order to have my first 5 of 1st violins)

    strad ens 3
    guarn ens 1
    guarn ens 2 (these on midi 2, they are my first 3 of 2nd violins)

    gaurn ens 3 (on midi 2, obviously I control this one by another track- this is my 4th of 2nd violins section)
    Viola ens 1
    Viola ens 2
    Viola ens 3 (on midi 3- they are my viola section)
    Cello 1 ens 1
    Cello 1 ens 2
    Cello 1 ens 3
    Cello 2 ens 1 (on midi 4 - they are my first 4 of cello section)

    Cello 2 ens 2
    Cello 2 ens 3
    Cello 3 ens 1
    Cello 3 ens 2
    Cello 3 ens 3 (on midi 4 - on another track they are the next 5 of the cello section)
    DBass ens 1
    DBass ens 2
    DBass ens 3 (on midi 5 they are my DBasses section)

    strad ens 3
    guarn ens 1
    guarn ens 2
    guarn ens 3 (on midi 1 - they are my next 4 of the 1st violins section)
    viola solo (on midi 3 this is my 4th viola)
    gagl ens 1
    gagl ens 2
    gagl ens 3 (on midi 2 they are my next 3 of the 2nd violins section).

    as you can see now I have 9 1st violins (5+4), 7 2nd violins (3+1+3), 4 violas (3+1), 9 cellos (4+5) and 3 DBasses. If I want, for ex, the sound of 9 violins playing unison line, I just record the first track containig 5 violins, and then I copy it on the track containing 4. Otherwise, if I want to play them DIVISI, I record a line on the first 5 violins, and another on the next 4.
    This is what I technically do. By the musical point of view I can only say that,moreover a certain talent, it\'s foundamental to STUDY!! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I hope it\'s clear. I\'m at your disposition for more questions.


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    Re: Franchesco\'s- Till the End

    Thanks for this, Francesco, it\'s very clear.

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    Re: Franchesco\'s- Till the End

    Thanks Francesco for explaining your string orchestra set up. This can serve as a basic for a template for building a string orchestra.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Franchesco\'s- Till the End

    Hi Francesco, I just got in after a long day at work on a TV show, so I hope that makes the necessary excuse for my late reply to your very helpful post.

    Thank you very much, you have been very helpful. This composition continues to play in my head, I hope you get to place it in a film, if not already done.

    Regards, Lister Coleman.

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