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Topic: Microtuning

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    Many samplers and synthesizers support microtuning. I am requesting (begging actually) this feature for Kontakt. I purchased and recieved GPO this week (a very impressive quickness of delivery I might add). This is a spectacular library of orchestral sounds. Yes, one can adjust the overall concert pitch from the Kontact interface. But I am surprised not to find support for the importing of Scala tuning files or at least the capability to adjust the intervallic relationships in such a sophisticated product. Not everyone plays in 12-tone equal temperament! With the growing interest in ethnic, microtonal, world music in general as well as historical temperaments it is hoped that NI can remedy this glaring omission from their very fine sample player.

    No 12th root of 2 here, please,


    Jonathan Klizas

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    Re: Microtuning

    Hi Jonathan, I don`t own GPO so maybe I`m not really qualified to respond here. But as i understand it, GPO uses the Kompakt Player? Because Kontakt actually does microtuning. In your Kontakt 1.5 folder theres a \"tables\" folder,and in that theres \"microtuning\" Presets. Are u confusing Kompakt(Kontakt Junior) with Kontakt? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] best, Rich

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    Re: Microtuning

    The Kontakt player uses a sub-set of the features of Kontakt. The microtuning feature is not part of GPO as it exists today.

    However, I\'d be interested to know if the NIKontakt player responds to MIDI plug-ins. Steinberg has a microtuning plug, and a few of my soft synths do respond to it. The way that plug is designed, it\'s constrained to 12-tone symmetrical scales, so experimentation with Carlos Alpha and Partch scales is not an option. But with the recent release of the VST MIDI plug spec and SDK, I expect that some brave soul may someday tackle that concept.

    I\'ll experiment with both the player and full versions of Kontakt and will post the results of what I find.

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    Re: Microtuning

    I look forward to your report, Houston. VSampler, a plugin for Sonar 3 Producer Edition suffers from the same malady in that, yes, the beta can import Scala files but will only render 12 tone scales. If I load a Partch 43-tone scale or a JI 19-tone it defaults to 12-tet. Ouch! This is an idea whose time is way overdue and sample player creators need to address. The world doesn\'t live by 12-tet any longer (and quite frankly, never did).

    Jonathan Klizas

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    Re: Microtuning


    Just to clarify, microtuning is available if GPO is loaded into the full version of Kontakt 1.5. I have not had time to experiment with these so I can’t vouch for flexibility of the microtuning choices or if they are limited to 12 note scales, but they are there. Their application requires access to the editing features in Kontakt and the GPO player does not offer that in its present version. I don’t know if Native Instruments has any plans to change that in the future but I would tend to expect them to view microtuning as a fairly esoteric feature best left to the full version of Kontakt. At least you can have some form of microtuning now by moving up to Kontakt 1.5, if you like. Let\'s see what Houston uncovers.


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    Re: Microtuning

    I\'m also quite interested in microtonal possibilities with GPO and have been looking at both Kontakt (upgrade from GPO) and VSampler. So far, I\'ve found the following, and any further info would be much appreciated!

    1. VSampler\'s latest beta (demo freely downloadable) allows retuning of _each_ MIDI tone, so you can retune across the keyboard and map non 12-tone scales to whatever keys you want -- nice!

    2. VSampler\'s latest beta is supposed to import Kontakt instruments (with corresponding samples), but I can\'t get it to import GPO samples (it does show the key mappings for the samples), I suppose because of NI\'s copy protection schems -- not so nice! (Yes, my GPO is registered!)

    3. Looking at microtonal-related threads on the NI Kontakt forum, it appears (though I can\'t check it without buying Kontakt, since the Kontakt demo is an older version!) that the current Kontakt version (1.5) has a bug that prevents use of microtonal tuning. Can someone with Kontakt comfirm or disconfirm that? Also, I\'d like to know whether Kontakt supports non-12-tone scales; forum posts imply that it doesn\'t.

    Judging from the above, it appears that to work in non-12-tone microtonal scales with GPO samples _probably_ will require buying Kontakt (to have access to the samples) AND VSampler (to do the retunings). But I am hoping that maybe Kontakt will do the retunings, so VSampler isn\'t necessary also. Again, I\'d greatly appreciate a report from any Kontakt owners on its microtonal capabilities.

    Thanks to all for such an informative forum!

    Greg Williams
    Gravel Switch [really!], KY

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