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Topic: Fun with GPO

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    Fun with GPO

    I\'ve been buildling my studio for the last 2 months so I haven\'t had much of a chance to work with GPO yet but now that I\'m out of money I took on a couple of not so fun projects to make some quick cash. In short I\'m sequencing some Orchestration mockups for a publishing company\'s print products (not my favorite thing to do - even on a bad day). anyway, the good news is I\'m giving GPO a good solid workout [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thus far I\'ve been having a good time with it. The strings have served me pretty well - although I haven\'t spent tons of time with them because the company is doubling the samples with a few live players. That covers a lot of sins. But the Perc, half the woodwinds, and Harp are ALL GPO. Which is fun.

    The most frustrating things I\'ve experienced thus far are the fact that your Mod Wheel controls get reset everytime you hit stop in Logic. I\'ve been trying the work arounds with little luck thus far.

    The other REALLY annoying thing is the way GPO retains the same sustain pedal settings between instances. Makes it pretty hard if you want to play a piano with real sustain and strings with Legato control. My work around thus far has been to load GPO into my full blown version of Kontakt if I need real sustain and just use GPO\'s Kontakt player for the Legato controls with strings etc.

    Otherwise I\'ve been really quite pleased. I like the way everything is already set up panning wise, yet simple to change. I love the sounds - the Winds continue to blow my pants off (not a pretty site for the neighbors!). All in all I\'d love the quirks to be fixed but I can\'t say I\'ve ever spent $250 more wisely [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Fun with GPO

    Im on Cubase and PC so maybe this wont help?

    In other threads we found out how to make it work with pianosustain and legato. Just copy the GPO****.dll and name it something that suits you .. pianoGPO? GPOPiano? well..

    Then you have two different versions. Just load the pianoversion when you need piano. They can have different settings under options. In cubase you need to change the pianoblah.dll to sustain every time you load a new song though.

    There must be some way to make logic not to modwheel -> 0 on stop. I worked with logic for pc for some time ago, and i bet there is some menu for this there .. somewhere [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Something like .. reset controllers on stop .. i guess [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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