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Topic: GOS Lite upgrade?

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    GOS Lite upgrade?


    I\'m pretty keen on upgrading my \"Lite\" version of GOS, but I can\'t seem to find that anywhere as an option, either here, or over on the Time & Space site (I\'m UK). Is it still possible to upgrade to GOS Full from Lite?

    Thanks, -Rob

    Here\'s a little GOS Lite + piano demo I posted a while back...


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    Re: GOS Lite upgrade?

    Same here... Also would it be possible to upgrade from GOS Lite to GPO for a cutdown price?

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    Re: GOS Lite upgrade?

    Hmmm... GOS Lite and GPO are around the same price are they not? The Lite to Full GOS upgrade is something that is mentioned in the docs though. There\'s some old threads about it, and it\'s suggested that interested parties contact gary direct. As those were fairly old posts, I thought I\'d ask what the deal (if any) was now...

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    Re: GOS Lite upgrade?

    As far as I know - the only upgrade path for GOS Lite is the full version of GOS.

    Personal Orchestra is a totally different product.

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    Re: GOS Lite upgrade?

    As far as I know - the only upgrade path for GOS Lite is the full version of GOS.

    Yes, yes... but how? All the sites I\'ve seen, only have the option to purchase one or the other, hence the original question.

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    Re: GOS Lite upgrade?

    Give Gary a call directly. His number is on his website in the Contact\'s area.

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    Re: GOS Lite upgrade?

    You can upgrade from GOS Lite to the Advanced version. The price is $399. Perhaps we can also extend this offer to GPO users as well. Please email me if your interested. As soon as I have some time, I\'ll update my webpage to reflect these upgrades.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GOS Lite upgrade?

    wow, should be an incredible offer to have GOS at this price for GPO users!
    thank you very much, I will have a lot of Garritan product in my computer [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] !

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    Re: GOS Lite upgrade?

    I\'m looking at buying GOS sometime this year. Some kind of upgrade path from GPO would be fantastic!

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    Re: GOS Lite upgrade?

    Wow, Gary I would definitely buy that upgrade from GPO to GOS! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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