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Topic: OS X and GPO

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    OS X and GPO

    How well is GPO working in OS X and Logic 6.3.3?

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    Re: OS X and GPO

    I\'ve used GPO, Logic 6.3.3 and OS X Panther for about a month now with no problems at all. I have a G5 dual 1.8 gig and a gig of ram and it does more than I need at this time.

    If you have any other questions about this set up you can e-mail me at



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    Re: OS X and GPO

    I\'ve got a G5 Dual 2 gig and it\'s working fine so far. Logic 6.3.3. I have had a weird bug since I updated to the most recent version of panther and Logic where sometimes I\'ll be closing a window and logic shut\'s down. I did the updates at the same time so I\'m not sure which one causes the problem but I\'ve found GPO to be working nicely. Be sure you get the Kontakt player upgrade from NI which I think is version 1.2.008


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    Re: OS X and GPO

    i have had problems with a strange kontakt and logic bug that seems to strike only selected users. i have no idea why it picked me but when the GPO kontakt player is in my AU folder the autoload song will not open and i have to manually open it. When i do the mouse behavior is very erratic. you have to click about 1/4 inch above where you want to. windows act strange, and just general GUI unhappiness. when i remove GPO it is happy again and everything works according to plan.

    i have notified gary and hopefully a fix is on the way from NI soon because i will not be using GPO in logic until it is.

    This bug is documented and known by NI and has something to do with the kontakt engine and logic not getting along.

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    Re: OS X and GPO

    This bug is documented and known by NI and has something to do with the kontakt engine and logic not getting along.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">This is the main reason I hate the idea of NI making these instrument players. I wish they would have chosen the UVI like Spectrasonics. NI just can\'t write for OS X.
    I like the idea of a quick sketch pad but it\'s not creative if you have problems to solve. I may just wait for OPUS 1.
    I know that ESX 24 works GREAT in Logic.

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    Re: OS X and GPO

    Bedroom- I have that same problem. Didn\'t realize it was an NI problem though. I just started opening logic and then loading my song and all works well. The bigger annoyance to me is the CC data getting messed up.


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    Re: OS X and GPO

    yea i found info about the bug on various forums. the problem with it is it is hard to reproduce because it only happens with select machines for some reason.

    they always try to balme the other software (ie accusing you of having kraked copies, which i do not). so hopefully they figure it out soon.

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