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Topic: bug in stand alone?

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    bug in stand alone?

    Hey all

    I opened GPO as standalone and loaded the multi piano trio. I played a random note on the first instrument and bam. ..has encountered a problem and needs to close.
    offset 000bec13
    if you want i can send you the error report contets .. but the txt-file is in xlr-format and makes nut much sence in notepad .. but i guess you might be able to read that


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    Re: bug in stand alone?


    I\'ll need more specifics before reporting this to NI. Could you email or PM info about your system, OS, programs open at the time, etc. Also send the error report.

    You could try running GPO in the GPO Studio VST Host and see if this works.

    We\'ll see if we can get to the bottom of this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: bug in stand alone?

    I have the same problem. Only in stand alone mode. It apears to be ASIO related. When it\'s on asio drivers, I load a sample, touch any key (with mouse or keyboard) and the windows error pops up saying, \"needs to close.\"

    I just remembered the first time it did it. I accentently had GPO studio opened, when I opened stand alone mode. The box poped up informaing me the driver couldnt be found. Ever since that, it doesnt work right.

    Maybe I should reinstall it.

    I\'m stumped.

    I\'m using

    windows XP
    AMD 64 3200+
    Asus K8V deluxe motherboard
    Corsair XMS 1024MB RAM
    2 Western Digital SATA 80g HDs
    Digidesign Mbox (USB Asio)
    Midiman Oxygen 8 USB keyboard.

    if more detailed information is needed, just let me know.

    Mike P~

    P.S. I love GPO! Thank you for exsisting!

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    Re: bug in stand alone?

    In the stand-alone player, I\'d recommend for you to increase your buffer size if you are getting that crash. Set the buffer size to 512, and lower it incrementally for lower latency, but if you get any crash, you will need to increase the buffer size. 512 is a very good stating point and the latency is (to me) acceptable at 12 ms.

    You won\'t generally be able to run both GPO Studio and the stand-alone NI GPO player at the same time, since they both need access to your audio card. There are ways you could make it work, but there\'s no reason I can think to run them at the same time, so it\'s probably sensible not to bother trying it.

    If you had/have problems with the stand-alone formerly working fine, but you ran GPO Studio at the same time accidentally, and now it doesn\'t work, just try rebooting your system. Most likely the stand-alone player will work fine after the reboot. It seems quite possible that your audio driver got \"confused\" by both the applications running at the same time, and not acessing the ASIO drivers in a normal way (since both were running). A reboot would fix that \'confusion\' in the audio drivers.

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    Re: bug in stand alone?

    I don\'t know if this is any help, but I was looking at another forum the other night and someone reported a similar problem with NI instruments in standalone mode.

    It seems he traced the problem to using ASIO on a USB type of audio interface.

    Might be something to check into...

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