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Topic: GOS 2

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    GOS 2

    Can someone fill me in on what has been said about GOS 2... is it new programming.. completely new samples? Im considering getting GOS now, with the intent of an upgrade if the upgrade will be stunning [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: GOS 2

    From what I heard it will be all new samples and programming that will take advantage of GS3 features.

    One can only hope that there will be an upgrade from GOS1. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: GOS 2

    I\'m sure there will

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    Re: GOS 2

    Will there be a Kontakt \"native\" version of GOS2?

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    Re: GOS 2

    GOS2 will be Kontakt native and released in that format first.

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    Re: GOS 2

    I love kontakt. Will GOS2 be 24 bit? What\'s the news on the solo strings? Will GOS2/solo strings have legato?

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    Re: GOS 2

    GOS 2 is a 24 bit library, has different samples and new programming. I think it is going to have a sound that many will be pleased with. We plan to have a very generous upgrade path for GOS1 users.

    We originally planned to do it in Giga 3.0 but the wait has been very long. We\'ll have to wait and see. So there will first be be a Kontakt \"native\" version of GOS2. We are in beta testing now for the Kontakt version.

    GOS2 will be 24 bit and will have legato features.

    Solo Strings:
    With the solo strings project we are doing things that have never been done with sampling before. Going in a totally different direction from sample libraries that preceded and I believe it will mark the next generation of sample libraries. It started being a Gig project in anticipation of Giga 3.0 but it has been a very long long wait (we are not even sure if Giga 3 can handle what we have in mind). We\'ll keep you posted. We want to take the utmost care in perfecting our processes and technologies.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GOS 2

    Are you planning for GSO2 to take the same approach of GPO with the solos or will it be only of sections?
    You said it would be of 24 bits, but are you planning also to release a 16bits version?

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    Re: GOS 2

    Hi Gary!
    Sounds great!
    Thank you for these your words about the news...
    2004 will testify a new era for sampling technology. Sure!

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    Re: GOS 2


    SO GOS2 is completly made out of new recording sessions?

    Also can you share who is doing the programing?


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