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Topic: GPO Demo, Soundtrack II

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    GPO Demo, Soundtrack II

    This was the second GPO demo I made. Sequenced in Sonar 3, SonitusFx Reverb \'Large Hall\'

    Soundtrack Theme II

    French Horn Overlay F
    Vlns 1 Sus+Short
    Vlns 1 Tremolo
    Violas Sus+Short
    Violas Lush
    Cellos Lush
    Cellos Short Bows
    Basses Lush
    Basses Short Bows
    Timpani Ex


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    Re: GPO Demo, Soundtrack II


    Very nice composition, my only comment has to do with mixing, I\'d like to hear the strings brought up a little more, or maybe just some compression on the whole piece to even it out.

    The volume seems to decrease after the big build-up at the beginning, when, in fact, it should do just the opposite.

    Nice work.

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    Re: GPO Demo, Soundtrack II

    Thanks Larry for the reply. In addition to learning orchestral arranging, I am also learnng how to do mixing as well. It seems there is a separate skill needed for each stage of creation. Stage one is the initial idea (melody, harmony, development, etc). Next is the arrangement - choosing the instruments for each harmonic line. Then finally the mixdown. Stage one is usually relatively easy for me. For the arrangment - I seem to be getting better. As for mixing - I have a long way to go.

    Your advice is very important to me and I will take that into consideration for my next piece.
    Thank you so much


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    Re: GPO Demo, Soundtrack II


    Hope you don\'t mind the bump. A really good theme seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. My only complaint was that it ended so soon. I hope you develop this more!

    Gary Garritan

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