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Topic: VST player host for GPO VST plugs

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    VST player host for GPO VST plugs

    What would be the best host to use as a \"player\" for GPO VST plugs? I can\'t use GPO Studio, because it doesn\'t support individual outputs for each channel. Sonar supports that, and I believe it would work, but I\'m wondering if there is something else that is designed for playback without the overhead of being a sequencing/recording program. That way, I could run Overture on one machine with 4 or more instances of GPO VST running in a player program. This must work on a PC as we do not use Apples here. The PC will have 2 gigs ram, and the fastest available P4 processor.

    -- Martin

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    Re: VST player host for GPO VST plugs

    Possibilities I know of:
    Bidule (www.plogue.com)- freeware for now, but a VERY capable/flexible host
    Steinberg\'s V-Stack - around $50?


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    Re: VST player host for GPO VST plugs

    I have used Bidule (www.plogue.com), Forte (www.brainspawn.com), and Chainer. Bidule and Forte have free versions that you can try. Bidule is really more than just a host, it is a virtual studio where you can do complex midi and audio processing, routing and manipulation. Forte is the best in my opinion for a easy to use vst host. They have three versions that allow more Vst modules to be loaded than the free version.

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    Re: VST player host for GPO VST plugs

    I think using a VSTi Stacker with rendering/capture to wave options would be the way to go. It would be nice to record a track to audio quickly, in case you need to get a demo out on the spot.

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    Re: VST player host for GPO VST plugs

    It\'s intersting, I\'ll try them because GPO studio is too heavy for my \"little\" G3!

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