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Topic: Overture upgrade or Sibelius, Finale, ..

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    Overture upgrade or Sibelius, Finale, ..

    I\'m thinking to buy a notation software and I would like to know how much GPO will be developed to work with overture.
    I\'m a GPO user and the accademic price of overture is the same of Sibelius and Finale, but Sibelius comes also with a little library so I\'m thinking to take Sibelius but my library is GPO so I don\'t want to find myself with a program and find that GPO works better with Overture.
    does anyone know how much does it cost to upgrade Overture for a GPO users?

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    Re: Overture upgrade or Sibelius, Finale, ..

    Good question :
    I did not find anything about an Overture upgrade option for GPO users on Geniesoft\'s site....
    and I once emailed them to ask about this, weeks ago : I still am waiting for an answer.

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    Re: Overture upgrade or Sibelius, Finale, ..

    If you\'re using GPO as your sound pallette, do the Overture upgrade.

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    Re: Overture upgrade or Sibelius, Finale, ..

    The Overture SE (Special Edition) that came with GPO is very similar to the full version. What limitation of the SE version makes you want to upgrade?

    Also, there were several previous NS threads regarding the use of Sibelius with GPO. A search may bring them up.


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    Re: Overture upgrade or Sibelius, Finale, ..

    it\'s just that I would like to know the price to upgrade and if there will be more integration with GPO or not.

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    Re: Overture upgrade or Sibelius, Finale, ..

    I do a lot of notation for hire and most of my work is done in Finale. It is simply the most flexible notation program available, and now is not much more difficult to use than any other scorewriter. With the arrival of GPO Studio, I am able to interface GPO with Finale perfectly. I am learning how to configure some things in Finale that will allow me to take advantage of GPO features. There is an excellent tutorial series from Adam Burford here. A little time spent up front with Finale will yield huge benefits if you are interested in notation per se.

    I have to use Sib occasionally, but I try to talk clients out of it because I have to go to the local uni to use it. It can be slightly better right out of the box than Finale for notation, but lacks the flexibility of Finale. One BIIIG advantage of Sib is that the latest version already understands the Kontakt player. If your notation needs are not complex, Sib is a good choice.

    I see no particular notational advantage to Overture--it simply does not meet my clients\' standards. I also see no practical difference in GPO interfacing between the \"GPO\" version of Overture and the combination of \"Finale + GPO studio\" or \"Sib + GPO Studio.\" If I\'m wrong on that, someone step right in--I must confess that I pretty well ditched Overture after GPO studio came along.

    If you want great notation, I\'d turn first to Finale, then to Sib. Ove is acceptable if your needs are not great. All of them can interface with GPO, either natively or via GPO Studio.
    Hope that helps...Jim

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    Re: Overture upgrade or Sibelius, Finale, ..

    I\'ll be the little devel to counter what Mr. Jim had to say about Finale [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I use to do ALOT of notation for work when I was younger and had no other work. I knew finale in and out up and down. Worked with it since v. 2.5. I\'m one of the many users who have switched to Sibelius. I switched about a year and a half ago because of Coda\'s lack of support for OS X. Plus I was getting more and more frustrated with Finale because of it\'s quirks and all the reworks with each upgrade.

    In short, I switched and I\'ve never looked back. Granted I\'m not doing work for publishers anymore but for my own use it\'s the best thing I ever did. There\'s a few (and I mean FEW) things Sibelius can\'t do that Finale can, but unless you have to be working in Finale, I don\'t think it\'s worth using. Plus many publishers are starting to switch to Sibelius and in general I think it\'s the notation of the future. Granted that\'s up for debate.

    You could summarize my feelings about the 2 the following way:

    If you want to be technical and do notation work - get Finale.

    If you want to be a musician and write music - get Sibelius.

    But that\'s just my 2 ¢.

    I have no comments on Overture.


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    Re: Overture upgrade or Sibelius, Finale, ..

    thank you very much!

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    Re: Overture upgrade or Sibelius, Finale, ..

    It\'s good to ask yourself what you are looking for from your notation program. If it\'s the best engraved notation, then Sib and Finale are the two leaders. I prefer Sibelius for it\'s fast, efficient user interface. It does way more than I need, as does Finale. I haven\'t used Overture, so I can\'t comment on its abilities.

    If you want to use the notation program as a sequencer, get a sequencer.

    The main disadvantage I find with sequencers is that I can\'t see the interaction between the staves with track and piano roll views the way that I can with notation. So I prefer using Sibelius for authoring counterpoint.

    But all I really need from the sounds in a notation context is enough accuracy to hear what I\'m doing and to proof the score. If I want a great performance I print the score, start the sequencer and play away. Until the notation programs offer really flexible envelope editing, the sequencer is the best tool for getting GPO and other sample libraries to sing.

    Know what you\'re looking for before you upgrade. And download the demos and run them through their paces. If you find simple tasks taking lots of keystrokes of mouse moves, it\'s not the notation program you\'re looking for.

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    Re: Overture upgrade or Sibelius, Finale, ..

    I have to think about it.
    Thanks again to all of you for your suggestions, now I\'ll think about it.

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