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Topic: Just got it--a few questions...

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    Just got it--a few questions...

    Just got my copy of GPO today, and so far I am very impressed by just how much STUFF is in it... I had no clue how many different variations of everything I would get. I\'ll try to produce a demo sometime in the near future...

    A few quick questions, which I haven\'t been able to answer by skimming the manual:

    1.) is it possible to control the Volume knob with a CC? I know that the MOD does dynamics, but how about relative volume within a mix--sometimes I want a track to emerge to the foreground very obviously and a dynamic change isn\'t always enough.

    2. How have people dealt with the lack of response to patch changes? I prefer to not split my \"staves\" up into multiple tracks just to cover different bowings/pizz, etc. Has anyone found a good way to work around this within one track? Any chance a later version will respond to patch changes, or include pizz/shortbows/and legato playing all in one patch by keyswitching or something?

    I\'m sure more questions will come up, but these are the first few hurdles I\'m trying to jump...


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    Re: Just got it--a few questions...


    You can automate volume with your sequencer. If you give me a call (or PM you number) I can give you a quick guided tour of GPO and answer all of your questions.

    Gary Garritan

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