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Topic: Legato Solo Strings?

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    Legato Solo Strings?

    How can I get the solo strings to play legato? According to the manual, the sus pedal alternates up/down bowing, which is a great feature, but it means that if I create a violin section including both section and solo strings, the sustain pedal messages will almost cancel each other out (the section patches will interpret it as legato, but the solo patches will interpret it as a series of downbows!) Is it possible to disable the bow alternating in a solo patch and replace it with legato?

    The patch listing in the manual lists \"SusLeg\" next to all of the solo string patches...

    any tips?


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    Re: Legato Solo Strings?


    Yes. Simple solution: Separate the solo and section strings by MIDI channel. That way you can have different and appropriate MIDI controller data for each. You have the option of assigning MIDI channels freely to each of the 8 instrument slots in the GPO player.


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    Re: Legato Solo Strings?

    Right, but once they\'re separated, is there a way to get the solo strings to play with \"SusLeg?\"

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    Re: Legato Solo Strings?


    Well, now I think I understand your question. Strike my former answer. You seem to perceive a conflict in the dual function of the sustain pedal for the solo strings as compared to the section strings. None exists. If you layer the section strings with the solo strings and use the sustain pedal for its legato function both the section and solo strings will function properly together. The only time you would need to separate them by MIDI channel is if you were going to apply different sustain pedal data to each. In the case you describe, when both are using the identical legato function, no separation is required (unless you wish to increase variation by combining separate performances of the same parts). There is no need to be concerned about the alternating bow stroke function of the pedal for the solo strings. I’ll try to explain, even though it means getting into the arcane details of instrument construction:

    In keeping with the GPO philosophy of using programming techniques wherever possible in place of separate samples, the solo strings work as follows: The legato function is accomplished by using two layers of samples and switching between them with the sustain pedal. The first layer (pedal up) includes the complete attack portion of the sample. Think of this as the downbow. The second layer (pedal down) uses the same samples but eliminates the attack portion of the samples and begins playback at a point after the wave has reached its plateau. A small envelope is applied to the start point of these samples. When the sustain pedal is depressed this gives a very smooth (legato) transition between notes. Now, it so happens that the envelope chosen for the start point of the second layer samples has been designed to also closely resemble the slope characteristics of an upbow. So, not only does it function as a smooth transition slope for legato mode but it also can be used as a contrasting upbow to the first layer’s downbow. So, if you alternate pedal positions from note to note you will get the effect of alternating bow strokes – thus killing two birds with one stone, so to speak! And both birds are illusions. There is no conflict if you are using both section and solo strings in a legato setting since the pedal is then being used in identical fashion for both section and solo strings. I hope that clears up the confusion for you. If it’s still unclear, give Gary a call and he can put you in touch with me and I’ll take a shot at explaining it to you over the phone. Otherwise, just step on the pedal and don’t worry about it.


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    Re: Legato Solo Strings?

    After reading this post, Tom, I think it would be a GREAT idea if you and Gary came up with some kind of GPO audio/visual tutorial along the lines of Dave\'s GigaStudio tutorial. Something you could sell separately from GPO. I think a lot of users would benefit greatly.

    I\'m sure you have the time, right.....? [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Legato Solo Strings?

    Very nice explaination Tom. I\'ve wondered how the pedal could acheive both functions with one stomp on the pedal [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Legato Solo Strings?

    I would pay good money to have a turorial of GPO by Tom--he is the king of Kontakt programming!!

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    Re: Legato Solo Strings?

    Plus Tom has some hot lips! You should really here his high notes!

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    Re: Legato Solo Strings?

    Nexus wrote: “I would pay good money to have a tutorial of GPO by Tom”

    Hmmm. “Good money” you say . . . It strikes me that this could be an opportunity to build an empire. Private jets. Fawning women. Country estates. Oh yes, I’ll have to write some tutorials!


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    Re: Legato Solo Strings?

    Haydn wrote: “You should really hear his high notes!”

    Sorry, only dogs have that dubious pleasure.


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