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Topic: GPO real life hardware requirement

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    GPO real life hardware requirement

    I\'m considering to buy gpo, but i really like to know first about hardware requirement in \"real\".
    I\'m using Sonar3, Athlon 1600+, 1GB Memory, ATA 100 HD.
    How much channel can I expect if i use only gpo?
    If i need to use 2 instance of kontakt player, how much channel in average can I expect?
    ...need info here...

    thx a lot

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    Re: GPO real life hardware requirement

    Sonar 3 is not too memory hungry, so you should have no issues loading in a pretty full standard orchestra minus piano.

    The problem will be CPU usage and how voices you\'ll get. You should expect maybe 80-100 stereo voices with your CPU. Things like harp can use a lot of voices up quickly so you may need to bounce harp tracks. Make sure you only load dry instruments. Also, I recommend using the Lexicon Pantheon reverb as it has pretty low CPU usage.

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    Re: GPO real life hardware requirement

    I have Sonar 3 and GPO, 1GB RAM, 2.6 Ghz P4, and I have loaded up to 8 instances of GPO at a time. I had some problems with the envelopes for the mod wheel becoming orphaned after opening the project.

    I had basically a large sized orchestra (I am working on a rendering of Rachmaninov\'s 2nd symphony\"

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