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Topic: Problem re-authorizing GPO

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    Problem re-authorizing GPO

    Tonight I converted the file system of my WinXP box to NTFS. When I tried to launch GPO, it told me I needed to re-register because my system configuration had changed. Perfectly understandable.

    However.......after I launched the registration tool and clicked the button, a web browser opened to the NI registration page.....but the authorization number never popped up on my screen, even after several minutes. I went through this procedure a couple more times, but still no authorization number!

    So I thought to myself, \"Surely they sent me an email\". So I went and checked my email account that I\'m registered under (cbryant@wma.com) - but no email!

    Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Re: Problem re-authorizing GPO

    I\'ve had nothing but headaches with that stupid Native Instruments registration nonsense. I will never buy one of their products, and only purchased GPO because I liked it so much. They\'re unfortunately the only ones who can help you with it, and they take about a day to get back to you if you email or call.

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    Re: Problem re-authorizing GPO

    Wow, I had to reinstall my OS (10.2.6) \'cause the registration tool crashed my boot drive. Then a week later, armed with new numbers I tried to reauthorize and it took my disk again. This time it is unrecoverable.

    NI\'s auth. scheme does not work for me on OSX. period. It reported a \"hardware\" change when there was none. It reported a serial number change when there was none. Each of these events requires a new number. Also it likes to assign new system ID numbers for no apparent reason at all requiring, you guessed it, new codes.

    I love GPO but I have not been able to use it because of NI\'s auth scheme.

    I\'ve wiped my drive clean. I\'m going to Panther.

    Granted, all of my bad karma gets funneled to my computers, so your mileage may vary.

    I would say that NI\'s authorization software is not just incovenient, it\'s dangerous.

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    Re: Problem re-authorizing GPO

    The authorization issue has been fixed!

    I found out why I was unable to re-authorize. It was an omission on my part.

    Basically, you need to go all the way through the authorization process on the website. There are about 4 screens that you need to fill out and page through (something I had previously failed to do). Then, after you have done all this, the authorization code will appear on the very last page.

    Thus, I was able to successfully re-authorize Kontakt and GPO last night! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Problem re-authorizing GPO

    Interesting. But I can\'t even make my first register! When I go to send register a window pops up with \"Cannot open browser\"? Can anyone shed light on this problem?

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    Re: Problem re-authorizing GPO

    My greatest fear of hardware-based registration is what happens when Native Instruments go broke/into liquidation, or simply \'retire\' support for particular legacy products. The same goes for on-line installation registrations - I now have two pieces of expensive software which won\'t work any more because the vendors web site (where you have to register on installation) is now closed. Anyone had similar experiences?

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    Re: Problem re-authorizing GPO

    For registration/authorizarion issues check the Troubleshooting page: http://www.garritan.com/troubleshooting.html and if you can\'t find the solution, call me and we\'ll get you taken care of.

    LOW: I don\'t think you have to worry about Native Instruments going broke/into liquidation, or simply \'retiring\' support?

    Gary Garritan

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