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Topic: 2 short "practice" pieces up for suggestions

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    2 short "practice" pieces up for suggestions

    In these 2 pieces I tried hard to liven up the strings quartet through the arrangement and mod wheel. I think the mod wheel thing is working really good here. After speding a full day just fiddling with the mod wheel, I think I\'m beginning to get a good feel as to how to make the strings \"breath\" correctly.


    They\'re both EXTREMELY short. And has nothing to do with disco. LOL

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    Re: 2 short "practice" pieces up for suggestions

    additions: (I thought I used to be able to edit my own posts)

    About the mixing and sound character of these 2 clips.. This type of sound may not be \"classical\" sounding, but I went for a more butter and cheese hollywood style sound instead. Call it whatever, I seem to like this sound quite a lot.

    My reverb allows filtering in the reverb algo, to control the \"color\" of the sound as some other reverb units call it. In this EQ setting, I set the lowpass (high cut) to around 9000hz, much higher than usual, and I set the highpass (low cut) to around 200hz. This setting was vital in achieving the silky highs and bass that doesn\'t reverberate too much. (you can hear the difference on the dblbass)

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    Re: 2 short "practice" pieces up for suggestions

    Nice! Kensu ....You\'re certainly getting the hang of it!!


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    Re: 2 short "practice" pieces up for suggestions


    You really are getting a good feel with the mod wheel. Quite a change from disco (which was great BTW). Excellent writing, development and orchestration. My only complaint was they they were too short. I hope you build upon these clips. Thanks for posting your music.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: 2 short "practice" pieces up for suggestions

    I appreciate your positive comments! Hopefully I\'ll have a fully developed piece to post soon. :-)

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