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Topic: bowing

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    I am brand new to GPO. I am wondering about the ability to bow a solo violin. I am using an Alesis QS8.1 as my midi controller. I have set the option in the kontakt player to the second entry. In fact, I have tried all of the entries. I can get instruments to sustain, but if I set the player up for bowing, nothing happens. I can not hear any difference in the waveform whether the pedal is up or down. Maybe I am mistaken as to its abilities, but as I understand it, I should be able to hold a note down manually, and bow the string with the foot pedal. This does not happen no matter what entry I put into the options. Any further instructions as to how to get this to work would be appreciated.
    Dave Hepworth

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    Re: bowing

    Sorry David, that sounds cool, but not the way it works. The sustain pedal will tell GPO to play back up bow or down bow samples, but you still have to controll the start of the bowing with the keyboard. Holding down a sustained note and then tapping the pedal will not start bowing for you.

    I found this feature works well for faster passages, and, because I\'m polish, I end up programming the up and down sustain pedal info in.

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    Re: bowing

    Ah...Thanks for the reply. I had this feature all wrong then. It is not quite as exciting as I had hoped then. I will have to play around with this more. The way you explain it, it seems that the most practical way to use it will be to enter all the pedal data post performance. That is, unless I can become very co-ordinated in a short amount of time.

    Thanks again for the reply.


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    Re: bowing

    No problem, yeah, I agree, coordination is my problem too, I enter it all post-performance. Too bad there is not an auto-alternator like the one for GOS.

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