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Topic: CAL program to simulate pedal

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    CAL program to simulate pedal

    I modified a Sonar/Cakewalk CAL program I found that deleted every other note to insert a Control 64 of 0 and 127 for every other note. It seems to work fine. I\'ll admit I can\'t play a note, blow in the BC3, and work the pedal at the same time! I tried copying it to a post then copying it back from the preview but got an error. I guess I should ask if anyone would find this useful and if there are any suggestions on how to post it.

    Thank you. I love GPO and am having a blast with it! I can\'t believe all these fantastic demos.

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    Re: CAL program to simulate pedal


    Doing a CAL file to simulate a pedal is a good idea. Thanks for doing this.

    Cakewalk users will find this useful. If you email me the file, I\'ll put it up on my server and make it available to everyone.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: CAL program to simulate pedal

    Thanks Ghostwriter! I love to collect CALs and I think I might find this useful too, as I have the same problem as you!

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