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Topic: Benefits from upgraded seq.?

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    Benefits from upgraded seq.?

    I can\'t afford an upgrade in sequencer at the moment, but I was wondering what limitations the bundled Cubasis 2.0 has compared to the newer sequencing programs. What will I be able to do with SX or Sonar 3 that I can\'t do now?

    BTW, I\'ve done research to find out, but the language is over my head at the moment since I have NO experience with these things.

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    Re: Benefits from upgraded seq.?

    I\'d say it is mainly the effects & additional softsynths you\'d pay for. If you are happy working with your current sequencer, simply do it... if you need a very good, quite complete nice program (well: not too many effects), you might want to check out www.n-track.com


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    Re: Benefits from upgraded seq.?

    I just got my audio interface today. It\'s an M-Audio Firewire Audiophile. It came with the Ableton Live 2.0 sequencing program.(distributed by M-Audio) Any opinions about this? Is it compatible with GPO? Is it better than Cubasis 2.0, or is it not meant for the same purpose?

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    Re: Benefits from upgraded seq.?

    Also, unless I\'m mistaken, I think the bundled cubasis is limited to 4 instances of GPO (good enough for most uses), and of course you can route it to GPO Studio for 8 more instances if your computer can handle it. I though Ableton Live was more for Audio?

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