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Topic: Sonar plugin suggestions

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    Sonar plugin suggestions


    I think GPO is a great library and I want to thank Gary for making it available for such an affordable price. I also own Sonar which is a great tool and provide a nice plugin interface.
    Being first of all a programmer I would like to write a MFX plugin to improve GPO usability in Sonar. First thing which comes to my mind is a real time input filter to transform velocity or breath control #CC2 (thanks to ghostwriter for this) into mod wheel control events #CC1. That will help other people like myself having a MIDI controller without a mod wheel.

    So here is my request: I would like to ask this forum for more input and ideas to include in the development of this plugin.

    Being a strong supporter of open source this will be available to anyone for free.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Sonar plugin suggestions

    This is a great idea! One may be a modification of existing CALs that would clean up data, rogue notes, extra CC events...

    You were very patient answering all the CAL questions this weekend.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Sonar plugin suggestions

    Hi Dan:

    Since you\'re planning to provide mapping from midi CC2 to CC1, how about including a utility to change the response curve to those controllers? I\'ve heard some people on this forum say they\'re not wild about the response curve that is programmed into GPO, and it is a matter of taste and what you\'re using to send those controllers. For example, when I use Bidule to remap the CCs for wind controller (WX-5), I also insert a module that changes the response to CCs from linear to log. For me, that provides a more comfortable response. I\'ve only found one way to modify the CC response in Bidule (lin to log), and other options might be nice. I also play a Kurzweil keyboard, and one of the features that I like is that I can set the velocity response curve to my preference--there are several options ranging from a very light touch to a very heavy touch. So, something analagous here would be nice. Heck (I\'m thinking as I write, which can be very dangerous!), you could do the same with the velocity response curves for that matter.

    Thanks for even thinking about doing this! And thanks also for asking for input.


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    Re: Sonar plugin suggestions

    Thanks Charley.

    This first plugin will be a real time input filter for recording, right now I can finally hear properly GPO when using the MIDI controller (no modwheel).
    I will include all your suggestions in the first release (probably in a couple of weeks). Custom response curves for velocity and controllers plus a mapping list from velocity to controller and from a controller to a different controller.
    The result will be recorded on the midi track after applying all these transformations.
    As you know MIDI filters in Sonar are per track so you can have different mappings for different tracks.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Re: Sonar plugin suggestions

    I have no suggestions off the top, But I think it\'s a great idea, Thank you for considedring it....

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    Re: Sonar plugin suggestions

    I finished the plugin, I\'ll test it for a couple of more days and I\'ll post a link to it.
    I hope to get more feedback after that.

    Current features:
    - real time recording mapping between velocity, pitch bend (the positive side of the wheel) and any controller to any other controller with the possibility of muting the input controller during recording and playback, and offline removal of muted controllers from the MIDI track. There is no limitation of the controller combination.
    - works with Sonar 2.2 and 3.0. The limitation in 2.2 for now is that the input controller cannot be muted during recording, only during playback (it\'s weird with the pitch bend). I\'ll ask on the Cakewalk forum if there is any work around for it.
    - choice between linear curve (default) and logarithmic curve for any of the mapped controllers.

    The way I can use it right now is for parts with short notes I use velocity to CC1 mapping and it works like with any other library and for parts with long notes I use pitch bend wheel to CC1 mapping since I don\'t have a modwheel controller.

    The current name is GPOPlugin, I hope Gary doesn\'t mind, if you can come up with a better name please do, I\'m not too good at choosing names.


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    Re: Sonar plugin suggestions

    Originally posted by Dan H.:
    I finished the plugin...The current name is GPOPlugin, I hope Gary doesn\'t mind, if you can come up with a better name please do, I\'m not too good at choosing names.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hope I don\'t mind? I\'m ecstatic. I am honored you took the time and trouble to write this plugin. It is going to be a great benefit to GPO users.

    A better name? Hmmm.. How about DanGPO? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Please email me when you get a chance. Thanks for doing this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Sonar plugin suggestions

    Thank you for your support Gary.
    I\'ll send you an email.


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    Re: Sonar plugin suggestions

    Thanks Dan! Sounds very cool. Also, since I use Sonar 2.2, I\'m trying to think why I would want to mute the input controller during recording. Presumably you\'re talking about recording MIDI data. Can you elaborate on that a bit? Anyway, I\'m looking forward to trying it out.


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    Re: Sonar plugin suggestions

    Hi Charley,

    It’s probably only important when you use pitch bend for modulation; if it’s not muted you’ll hear something weird.

    I probably should present how you would use it and it will become clear.

    I know you use a breath controller; let’s say you want to record a MIDI track.
    You add a GPO VST instrument, assign the track to that instrument, then you add a GPO MIDI filter to your track and do a CC2 (breath) to CC1(modulation) mapping with muting.
    That means even before pressing the record button when you use your controller GPO receives CC1 instead of CC2 and the volume is correct and you hear what you intended to hear. When you record, same thing happens again.
    Because of the way the Sonar filters work when you do the recording you’ll have on the MIDI track both CC1 and CC2 with the same values recorded (except when you use logarithmic curve, CC1 will have higher values because of that).
    During playback the plugin won’t send CC2 to GPO, only CC1, and again you have same sound as during recording.

    If you’re happy with the result you choose apply and remove plugin from Sonar menu and you have your track only with CC1 on it, CC2 will be removed.


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