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Topic: Legato notes sound much louder

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    Legato notes sound much louder

    I was trying to do some legato phrases today, and I\'m finding that it\'s very hard to keep the volume consistant between the legato notes and the non-legato notes. Is this known to happen in reality? Or is it a GPO thing?

    The problem is that the legato notes sound substantially louder than when it\'s not. (for specifics, it\'s section violin 1) I understand that since the attack is immediate, it\'s going to start off with a strong attack, but the problem arrises when the non legato note preceeding the legato note hasn\'t yet reached its maximum volume.

    Both violin 1 and 2 have a built in \"mini\" crescendo.. which causes short notes to sound softer compared to the legato notes.

    Is there a simple workaround in achieving even loudness between legato/non-legato other than manually fixing the CC#1 modulation values? (sounds like a tedious task)

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    Re: Legato notes sound much louder

    I usually set up a higher velocity/attack at the beginning of a line and then tend to greatly reduce it through the legato/slurred phrase. If this is not what you\'re talking about then maybe it\'s something to check into. However, I have a hard time thinking that something in Violin 1 would be missed on that level. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Legato notes sound much louder

    The legato layer is adjusted to be a similar level to the standard layer after the standard layer has reached its post-attack full volume. There is no technically feasible way to get it to automatically match all points in the attack phase of the standard layer. Haydn and Houston are correct in suggesting the use of velocity as one of the more convenient ways to deal with switching during rapid, short notes. Until we get more AI in software there will continue to be labor intensive aspects of MIDI simulation - it\'s a fact of MIDI life.


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    Re: Legato notes sound much louder

    right. okay.. I think I can learn to adjust to it. I think it had more to do with the way I played. Now that I\'m adjusting to it, it\'s not too much problem.

    It\'s hard to get into the habbit of using velocity to control attack. I need to change some of my \"inside the brain\" playing parameters around. :-)

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    Re: Legato notes sound much louder

    Strings normally have a little mini crescendo on the attacks when playing softer. You can play with higher velocities which give the notes more attack and make them louder.

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