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Topic: Black Friday Weekend

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    Black Friday Weekend

    Well, I've been having a lot of problems with my DAW lately but that didn't stop me from getting in on the Black Friday software specials. I bought the Garritan CFX Concert Grand, which ships on a thumb drive. I also bought all the inexpensive Embertone wind instruments that were 40 percent off. I also picked up Cinematic Strings for $319. I've always wanted that one but it was $500 until recently. I wanted a few more but I had a $600 limit.

    Also, I decided that trying to use two computers over a LAN was getting too complicated so I auctioned the Mac Mini off on eBay. It was my first auction or sale on the site. Apple discontinued offering a quad-core option on the Mac Mini and mine was the fastest model with a Fusion drive and 2 years of Applecare left. They are highly prized by geeks and serious users. They go in minutes if not seconds at the Apple Store refurb section now. I ended up selling mine for $1580.80, which was $100 more than I had into it. eBay and PayPal take their pound of flesh but I still did really well for a year old computer. A real fluke!

    It looks like I'm going to have to learn a new DAW. The one I've been using keeps stalling for unknown reasons and pthe file also goes bad. The developer has soured on Apple so they are mainly working on the Windows version and not much on the Mac side. So no 64-bit ever on OSX.

    I bought Logic Pro X last spring and I'm starting to learn it. I just ordered a 550 page instructional book for Logic Pro X which got good reviews. Oh boy!

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    Re: Black Friday Weekend

    That's fantastic Phil!!

    Best of luck (or break-a-leg if you are theatrical!) with your recent studio additions ... sounds like Christmas came in early December for you this year! I admire you enhancing your arsenal ... I went in an entirely different direction, at least for now. I got to the point where I was spending as much time auditioning sounds and new potential libraries as I was making music, so nothing new on my end this Christmas (admittedly I still have a sour taste over the demise of GigaStudio).

    Sounds like you got some real nice sounds to work with ... looking forward to 2015 and hearing what you do with them.


    Frank D'Erasmo
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    Garritan JaBB, GPO, CoMB, World, GAS, Stradivari Violin & GigaStudio. Sonar X2 Producer, Pro Tools, Performer & Finale.

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    Re: Black Friday Weekend

    I got my share of goodies!!! It was a beautiful black Friday! I got a new Solo Violin (Aria Instruments) for 50% off and a new Ethnic Flute (Aria Instruments) for 50% off. The violin lacks on articulations, but I never used many of them anyways. However, the actual quality and character of the violin is great for the kind of music I make. I own Vienna Solo Strings, Embertone Violin, all the solo violins that come with GPO, the EWQLSO Silver Violin (included in package), but this Violin is exactly what I was looking for! It had the perfect vibrato and sound timbre! The flute is also great, it is my first true legato flute and it sounds gorgeous! So, I am a happy camper! :P



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