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Topic: GPO Stereo Balance

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    GPO Stereo Balance

    Is the GPO synth have automatic setting for how far to the right/left the various orchestral instruments sound on our speakers (i.e., as if we were sitting in front of a live orchestra)?

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    Re: GPO Stereo Balance

    Yes, the instruments are by default panned to simulate the position of insturments in a normal symphony orchestra setup (ie. violins to the left, cellos to the right, etc.).

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    Re: GPO Stereo Balance

    One other point: The default panning can be adjusted or completely changed by the user, if desired.


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    Re: GPO Stereo Balance

    Thanks... I appreciate the info!

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    Re: GPO Stereo Balance

    Yep, the producers/architects even managed to set correct panning settings for us and also allow the opporutniy for change. So much planning went into this great product!!

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    Re: GPO Stereo Balance

    Be careful when panning certain instruments as the level will change when you pan. These are the stereo sampled instruments. Two that are hard to change panning is the timpani and celeste. The celeste is pretty hard panned to the one side so it gets really quiet when panned opposite. One neat thing though about the celeste panned opposite is that it gets a good back of the stage sound.

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