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Topic: working on new tune seeking advice

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    working on new tune seeking advice

    I guess this is more of a composition question.. I\'m working on a asian/exotic kinda tune. It sounds great so far, but I can\'t think of the next section. Any ideas? Perhaps I should move on to a new theme. The main theme I\'m using right now is kinda gettin repetitious. Anyhow, it doesn\'t sound quite finished yet.


    My initial idea was to break down to something similar to the intro, right after the big buildup. But then, using the same motif seems a bit over repetitious so I\'m wondering if I could introduce a new theme, build on it, and then come back to the intro motif. I really can\'t change keys, cuz there\'s this chinese flute I have that I intend to play the lead lines with, and it only plays in C.

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    Re: working on new tune seeking advice

    Probably a million different good answers to this, but here\'s what I would do.

    I\'d move to a livlier and softer section with a greatly pared down instrumentation. Perhaps a few playful woodwinds. If you can\'t change the key, change the tempo, dynamics, and mood.

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    Re: working on new tune seeking advice

    You may not be able to change the key, but what about going to a different mode of C Major (i.e., Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, or Locrian)?

    Also, you may seriously want to consider paring down your orchestration. Unless you are going to mike the flute, it will not be heard over such a thick (albeit pretty) orchestration.

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    Re: working on new tune seeking advice

    This tune is actually very good. I can see it in a movie, something like \"Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon\" perhaps? Very nice. This is the best tune you\'ve posted so far. I\'m keeping this. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Not sure where to take it though -- it pretty much seems to stand well enough by itself.

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    Re: working on new tune seeking advice


    It does sound very good. I think this seems complete and stands on its own as it is. Perhaps going to another theme in another oriental mode as suggested by FossMan. You could break some rules too. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: working on new tune seeking advice

    thank you all for awesome advice. There\'s always good options, but the brain seems to like to block them at times. It\'s all good exercise in understanding the different tensions and \"fullness\" that a orchestra can create. I\'m pretty sure I\'m still in the process of getting a feel of it all. But what I can feel so far, I really like.

    Again, I can\'t stress how much I\'ve learned since I got GPO! I\'m thinking of coming back to this piece after some Adler treatment. I now know that I should pay more attention to the different colorations of the ranges in the instruments. (see, I\'m still at very basic stages)

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