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Topic: Cubase 4.0 Exspression controllers ???

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    Cubase 4.0 Exspression controllers ???

    Does Cubase 4.0 have exspression controllers ? In the piano roll view I only find Pitch bend,After touch,Velocity,Main Volume and Pan. Do I have to upgrade to get this controller? It\'s hard to do orchestra work without it .Thanks for the help

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    Re: Cubase 4.0 Exspression controllers ???

    No upgrade necessary. When you have activated the piano roll window click on the “help” menu at the top and a window will open. Click your mouse on the controller section of the picture and an explanation of the controllers will appear. Read all related information. Basically, you just need to click on the button in the upper left portion of the controller section (below the piano roll). You will see a list of 13 common choices plus a 14th choice “controllers” which branches to a menu of numbered controllers. Choose the one you need.


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