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Topic: Defrag and GPO

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    Defrag and GPO

    I\'m wondering if I will see a performance boost with GPO (and other software synths for that matter) if I defrag my hard drive. I recently spoke to an Apple guy at a local retailer and he said with OSX defragmenting the hard drive was not necessary like it was in OS9 because it was Unix based. He actually talked me out of buying Norton Utilities. Anyone know if this is true?


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    Re: Defrag and GPO

    I did hear something similar about defragmenting the Mac. Actually I did use Noton Utilities once with OS X and afterwoods I had lots of problems.

    Anyway since GPO patches are loaded into RAM - and not streamed from disk - it will probably not make that much of a difference on any plattform.

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    Re: Defrag and GPO

    Yes, from what I understand it is true. And besides the Unix thing, computers today are shipping with such large hard drives that there is usually enough room on them to store most all files completely in one place, instead of all over creation as in earlier models. It is more important to:
    1, have as much ram as you can afford.
    2. Repair disk permissions at least once a week.
    3. Don’t run other software along with your DAW, especially classic mode.
    4. Use a high buffer setting during playback. Latency is not a problem during playback.
    5. Don’t use the “WET” sounds for your midi tracking, even though they sound better, use the dry ones. Save the reverb ‘till later.
    6. Save the effects until after you have frozen your tracks then you can save the settings you have made on GPO and dump it, just keeping your recorded tracks to mix down.

    I’m sure that I’ve forgotten something. Good luck

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    Re: Defrag and GPO

    So what is your opinion on repair permissions? Seems to be 50/50 on the Internet. Some say only repair permissions from the boot CD, others recommend doing it from the internal start-up disk. Both sides seem absolutely sure. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Defrag and GPO

    I have only done this from my internal boot drive. I have no problems with my Mac, and I push it really hard. But that doesn\'t mean there isn\'t a better way.

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