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Topic: Computer Fast Enough?

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    Computer Fast Enough?

    My interest in GPO is forcing me to buy a new computer as my current Mac iBook G3 only has a 600MHz CPU. My question, after reading numerous posts about how many instruments can be loaded at one time vs. CPU speed and RAM inensity is:

    Will an IMac 15\" 1GHz CPU, !GHz RAM with OS X 10.3 (Panther) be good enough to load (or sound) 2 Fl, 2 Ob. 2 Cl. 2Bsn 4hrns. 3 Trbs. Tuba. Timpani. Vl 1 section 2pt divisi. Vl2 section 2pt divisi. Va sectiion 2pt divisi Cello section 2pt divisi and Contrabass PLUS a solo instrument like Piano, AT ONE TIME (all playing at once). I keep reading about \"instances,\" when users talk about GPO, but do not know what that means yet as I am a prospective buyer at present.

    Please give me an indication of what I can do with the IMac machine before I purchase it. I do symphonic scores that are sometimes demanding.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Computer Fast Enough?

    It appears that the iMac could perform the instrumentation you describe. If you would like, give me a call and I can discuss further details of your particular case.

    Gary Garritan

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