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Topic: GPO Support Forum - Comments Wanted

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    GPO Support Forum - Comments Wanted

    Here is a draft for the proposed GPO support fourm.


    General Discussion - General discussion area and the best place to ask a question and find answers.

    Tips, Techniques & Tutorials - Get tips and ideas on how to get the most out of Garritan Personal Orchestra!

    Demos, MIDIs & Song Files - Listen to demos, download MIDI files, get notation/sequencer song files, share your mp3s and get constructive feedback from others.

    GPO Bundled Software - Discussion of issues concerning bundled software such as GPO Studio, Overture, Cubasis and Ambience.

    Support & Technical - For solving technical issues involving installation, operation, bug reports and troubleshooting.


    General Discussion - Questions concerning the use of use of Garritan Orchestral Strings.


    Interviews - Interviews from leaders in the music industry. Ask guests questions and interact online!

    Suggestions/Wish List - Discuss what you think can be done to improve our products and what we could do in the future.
    Off Topic - Discuss issues and questions relating to other topics.

    I tried to incorporate many of the suggestions you made in the \"New GPO Forum Categories\" thread. I appreciate all the suggestions you provided.

    This is still only a draft and still needs refinement. Let me know what you think.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO Support Forum - Comments Wanted

    Garritan, it looks great to me. Very clean look and layout. Can\'t wait to post my first post there.

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    Re: GPO Support Forum - Comments Wanted

    At first glance I cannot think of any changes. The site looks great. I can\'t wait.


    ps Typos under \'Orchestral Stings\' \'General Discussion\'section

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    Re: GPO Support Forum - Comments Wanted

    Looks good to me.


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    Re: GPO Support Forum - Comments Wanted


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    Re: GPO Support Forum - Comments Wanted

    Go for it!

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    Re: GPO Support Forum - Comments Wanted

    Very well done, Mr. Garritan. Nicly organized!


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    Re: GPO Support Forum - Comments Wanted

    This looks like a good setup, short enough to negotiate easily, yet covering all the categories necessary.

    Nice work.

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    Re: GPO Support Forum - Comments Wanted


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    Re: GPO Support Forum - Comments Wanted

    I would suggest to merge the categories General discussion and Off-topic. If the subject is that off topic, then it does not have this place on the Forum and if it is related to GPO in a general way, then it fits in the category General discussion.
    I am not that sure but the category Tips, techniques could be merged with Support, techniques. Often, it starts with the report of a so-called technical problem followed by the solution in form of an expert advise. However, I understand that for the technical staff of GPO it is easier to manage the reports by isolating them.

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