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Topic: GPO/Overture/SONAR /Laptop

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    GPO/Overture/SONAR /Laptop


    I\'m considering the purchase of GPO for use on my soon to be delivered laptop PC. I use Sonar Producer with Giga on my everyday PC network.

    My questions are:
    Q1. Are the notation capabilities of Overture better than SONAR? SONAR\'s notation is poor. I used to use Encore and it was good for my needs. I ask this because, with my laptop, I will typically be entering notes with a mouse. So, I need a better notation program than SONAR.

    Also, since Overture is a \"lite\" version, it may have a small RAM footprint than SONAR. ??

    Q2. Since Overture used to be a Cakewalk product, though apparently no longer, do Overture LE files (with midi data) import well into Sonar? Has anyone tried this. I\'ve tried with between Logic and SONAR and it does not work well (converting to .mid file formats). I can imagine making my sketches in GPO/Overture then importing them into SONAR and using VSL.

    Q3. Is anyone using GPO on a laptop? Any comments this system: Dell Latitude Intel M Processor, 1.6 Ghz (= 2.4 GHz P4), 40 GB 5400 RPM disk, 640 MB DDR RAM? How many instruments/articulation might I get with that much RAM?

    Thanks for any information or comments you might have,

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    Re: GPO/Overture/SONAR /Laptop

    Q1. Overture is a notation based program so there is no comparison to Sonar\'s very limited notation facility. Overture wins hands down.

    Q2. Don\'t know

    Q3. The processor should be fine but I would bump the RAM up to 1 GB.

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    Re: GPO/Overture/SONAR /Laptop

    Q1. Yes, the notation capabilities of Overture are FAR better than Sonar. It was designed primarily as a notation program with a sequencer. It was written by Don Williams who wrote the original versions of Encore. If you know how to use Encore, then Overture will seem very familiar. Overture does have a smaller footprint than Sonar, because it does not support audio, and is not a host for plug-ins. It does only notation and midi.

    Q2 Overture files do not import into Sonar, unless you export as midi. Then they import into Sonar just fine.

    -- Martin

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    Re: GPO/Overture/SONAR /Laptop


    Q1. The notation capabilities of Overture are far better. There are many more features and good integration with GPO. The Overture program in GPO is very robust and complete.

    Q2. It\'s been some time since Overture was part of Cakewalk. You can export standard MIDI files from Overture which can be read in Sonar.

    Q3. My main GPO rig is a laptop. 1GB of RAM is recommended. With your amount of RAM you should be able to load many instruments. It\'s hard to give an exact number since it depends on many factors. Maybe some other users can share their experience.


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    Re: GPO/Overture/SONAR /Laptop

    I am now planning to purchase 1 GB of RAM (Latitudes can populate 2 GB). I\'m happy to hear Overture is notation based. Thanks for all the feedback.

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