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Topic: Standard Midi vs. GPO Midi test

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    Standard Midi vs. GPO Midi test

    I\'ve posted two short mp3s, both under 1MB, of the JC Bach sample \"Air\" from the Overture notation software. One mp3 uses the exported midi from Overture, the other mp3 uses the same midi after running it through the GPO Midi Translator application.

    I pulled the the Overture midi into a Pro Tools session and exported the audio. Then I pulled the GPO midi into a PT session and exported that audio. All output settings and reverb settings are identical.

    Can you tell the difference between the two mp3s? Which is which? Which is better? Or are they exactly the same?

    First mp3

    Second mp3

    I also posted both midi files at my site, for anyone who would care to replicate the experiment.

    Two midi files zipped

    I\'ll have more details about this later, after everyone\'s had a chance to examine these.

    Mike Jasper

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    Re: Standard Midi vs. GPO Midi test

    Thanx for doing this. I will listen critically as soon as the kids quit fighting with one another! One superficial hearing in a noisy environment did not reveal much difference.
    Unfortunately, I don\'t hear the crescendo starting at the beginning--that might be revealing as well! Let me go to the file itself...back shortly!

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    Re: Standard Midi vs. GPO Midi test

    Mike, I don\'t know if it\'s the encoding, but I hear an odd \"hollowness\" when the 2nd violin & viola drop out in meas. 3 and 4. don\'t get that when I play the file on Ove and GPO

    The way the written crescendo is done in Ove seems to be wrong. I can get a nice crescendo by setting p to a VOLUME of 50 and the mf to 110. That\'s perhaps a bit much, but the cresc. comes through. The hairpin in my file was also incorrectly defined for the strings.

    I will now go into the \"graphic window\" in Ove and draw in a modwheel crescendo & see what it does.

    In any event, I hear no huge difference in the two files at this time.
    LATER: I looked at the event list for the start of the cello part of both MIDIS. It just seems that the translator stuck a bunch of modwheel=86 events before each note because the velocity was 86.

    I\'ve been trying to sort some of this controller stuff out for myself this evening instead of working or practicing [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img]


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    Re: Standard Midi vs. GPO Midi test


    Where did you find the \"the GPO Midi Translator application\"? I can\'t seem to find it on the Garritan site.

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    Re: Standard Midi vs. GPO Midi test

    I found the GPO Midi Translator on the fourth CD of GPO.

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    Re: Standard Midi vs. GPO Midi test

    It\'s not on my 4th disk!

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    Re: Standard Midi vs. GPO Midi test

    On my disk 4 it is alsot not there. Not in a PC and not in the MAC.....

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    Re: Standard Midi vs. GPO Midi test

    I got Midi Translator on my fourth disc, but that\'s because I got the latest version that\'s shipping.

    But aren\'t you missing the point? Did you hear a difference between the two? If so, maybe then you\'ll want GPO Midi Translator. If not, maybe you will anyway. Maybe it has nothing to do with the sound.

    Sure wish Gary would weigh in on this.


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    Re: Standard Midi vs. GPO Midi test

    I\'ll give this one more day and tell you what I discovered about GPO Midi.

    Also, I would be happy to email the Midi Translator to any Mac Garritan user who didn\'t get a copy. It\'s only an 8kb app, java I think. Contact me through deceptivesound.com

    This is kosher, right? I mean, the Midi Translator is kind of useless to anyone who doesn\'t use GPO.


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    Re: Standard Midi vs. GPO Midi test


    My first post said that I heard virtually no difference in the two files.

    After closer listening in a more quiet environment, that\'s my story and I\'m sticking to it. Virtually no difference.

    Having said that, I\'d welcome another test with a different file.

    Jeff, is there some test for crescendo or decrescendo in the translator? The act of putting a wheel event in front of every note-on will thicken the MIDI stream. Can the translator then delete (by user choice) any events it replaces with wheel events?

    Having said that , I am still grateful for the concept and existence of the translator and will welcome its arrival when the Windoze version appears. Thank you profusely! [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    As a business professor, I am so intrigued by the business model, the service model, and the community of GPO.

    As a musician, I am simply having a blast using GPO, learning to exploit its considerable features, with a goal of improving the reality of my Finale-based \"sequences.\"

    Grading papers=depressing.


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