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Topic: GPO Studio prob

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    GPO Studio prob

    Been trying to load some of the Sound sets into the studio host but i keep getting a message that it can\'t find sample x or y, however the only way to load these seems to be to use the auto find button which takes forever, the ordinary find button is greyed out. is there nother way of pointing the host to the unfound samples or does it have to be this way? or am i stupid and missed something?

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    Re: GPO Studio prob

    It does this when you have the samples saved somewhere other than on your C: drive in the default location. Gary is aware of the problem as Houston brought it to our attention with some of the templates we were working on, I believe they are working on ironing it out.

    The only way around it would be to re-install the library to its default location on your C: drive, because GPO streams from RAM, not from HDD, saving these samples on your C: drive will give you the exact same performance as saving them on a sample drive...

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    Re: GPO Studio prob

    so that\'s the way of it is it? thanks very much for the speedy reply, but is there no way to bypass the auto find knob and browse to the samples manually. and will i have to do this each time or will it remember the location the next time i load it up.

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    Re: GPO Studio prob

    I\'m not sure if it will remember next time, as I personally didn\'t have the problem, I only know of it through Houston, I will ask him and find out for you...

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    Re: GPO Studio prob

    NI is aware of this bug, however I think there is a way that you can circumvent the situation (I\'ll probably need to verify this from home). Check your standalone version and make sure you\'re pointing to the library in the \"Options\" panel. Then make sure that the GPO host is loading the dll that you just set the path on.

    I *think* that the GPO host *might* be looking at it\'s own instace of the VST, and therefore thinks that the default location of the library is still at c:\\Program Files\\... so there may need to be some registry change to make sure that the right plug is being polled from GPO Studio.

    I\'m only about 50% sure that this is the case, so expect this post to revised (perhaps significantly) in about 10 hours from now.


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    Re: GPO Studio prob

    Hi Mick,
    Regrettably this is a bug in the NI player; the bug makes any saved file (in this case a GPO Studio template) try to load the samples it needs from the library directory on the machine it was *created* on. We created all templates by using the default installation directory for the library, so any saved file (that we created) will try to load from that directory - which is \"C:\\Program Files\\Graritan Personal Orchestra\\GPO Library\". I\'ll assume you used a different directory, and that\'s why you\'re seeing the problems. We\'re waiting for NI to fix this - to me it\'s one of he top bugs to fix.

    That said, there are a few workarounds, and perhaps you might be able to use one. The simplest workaround is to uninstall the library, and reinstall it using the default installation directory - \"C:\\Program Files\\Garritan Personal Orchestra\\GPO Library\". This is at best a pain and may not be possible if you don\'t have space.

    The second option is to manually create and save the GPO Studio templates you will need. This may be easiest. Any saved file that you create will be functionally the same as a template. You will be able to load and save these files (because you created them on your own system), unlike the pre-canned templates. The GPO Studio templates match the Overture Soundsets exactly, so if you intend to use GPO Studio with Overture, than you would use the Overture menu item of \"GPO | Edit Soundset\", so that you can see what instruments you should load for each player in GPO Studio.

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    Re: GPO Studio prob

    yeah i kinda guessed that it was something to do with the mavhine it was programmed on. and i thought about remaking the templates, just hoped that there might be a quicker way. still i don\'t which of the templates i need yet. this is my first time on this forum and if they were half as helpfull on the NI or Cubase forums..... well thank you all very much for your help.

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    Re: GPO Studio prob

    Oh, dear, this is really annoying.
    I wait now for much over an hour for my full orchestra template being opened. And my C:-Drive doesn´t have space enough to install it onto.
    What a depressing start...

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    Re: GPO Studio prob

    Hi Mathis,
    We\'re waiting for a fix from NI, that should address this bug in the way the players load. Meanwhile, I\'d advise not to try to load the templates if you installed elsewehere that the C: drive - but instead create your own templates as a workaround until the fix comes. You can do this by loading instruments into the slots you will need, and after you\'ve loaded everythin you want, save the file. You can then open that file at any later time, without any problem. If you are meaning to use GPO Studio with Overture, then you can go to the Overture menu of \"GPO -> Edit soundset\" so that you can see exactly what instruments you need to load into GPO Studio to create a matching template to the Overture Sound Set. Hope this helps

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