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Topic: GPO in OSX: My Experience

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    GPO in OSX: My Experience

    It\'s not been good, folks.

    Let me first say I\'m a regular user of GOS for my television scoring work. I\'ve been mostly quite satisfied with this product and I recommend it to folks at every turn (with the normal caveats of any sample-based product, of course).

    When I first heard about GPO, I was excited by the concept. Particularly the ability to group strings into divisi and such.

    Here\'s my set up: PT6 on an HD2 Accel system. 800 megs of ram, OS 10.2.7 G5 1.6 computer.

    Problems: Numerous!! First and foremost, I can\'t get anywhere near the performance out of the player the PC guys here are getting, I can\'t even fill up one instance on the NI player without getting overloaded CPU messages (and that\'s with the DRY instruments).

    I even tried more instances with only four instruments each, still overloading.

    Also, I\'ve got so many graphics problems I can\'t even read the thing anymore, the keyboard gets all messed up, upon multiple instances, the instruments shown in a particular instance actually belong to ANOTHER instance, some of the blocks remain blank where instruments are actually loaded in...... A REAL MESS!!!!

    Let me state, these are problems I\'m having, I\'ve got no way to know how things are going across the board. You may have a great experience with OSX.

    I also didn\'t care for the registration process, this bit these days with multiple websites and vendors gets confusing when you have as much stuff as I have (I won\'t even get into ILOK, I\'m saving that for another rant).

    This is a product with great potential, I\'ve been informed by Mr Garritan himself there\'s perhaps some help for me. I\'ll post updates as time goes on.

    Ed Dzubak

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    Re: GPO in OSX: My Experience

    I\'ve suspected this was the case for OS X. I was going to buy this but I\'ll think again. I truly believe that NI cannot write for OS X. It\'s a shame.
    Just my 2 cents.

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    Re: GPO in OSX: My Experience

    Hi Ed,
    Sorry to hear of so may troubles so far. Something is definitely making things far from what you should be able to expect, since you\'re not able to load even eight instruments. As you probably know, using only dry instruments is important - you would add reverb with a plug-in within PT. There may be a bug in the NI players that is particular to your PT setup, though it\'s hard to say what the cause of the problem is quite yet. At 1.6 Ghz, your machine is certainly fast enough. My first suggestion would be to give Gary a call (360) 376-5766 or an email gary@harps.com. As a temporary workaround or just as a test, you could try installing and using GPO Studio - you would need to start GPO Studio before starting PT, and then once you start PT you would choose the GPO Studio midi outputs for your midi tracks. If you happen to have FXpansion\'s VST to RTAS adapter, it might be another temporary workaround to try the VST version.

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    Re: GPO in OSX: My Experience

    I’ve had few problems with, the Kontakt player as an AU with Panther and DP, but I can’t say the same for the VST version. It simply doesn’t work at all… many of the same problems you are having.

    I haven’t reported it yet since I’m very happy with the AU version and I haven’t had time to experiment with the VST to see if it was something I did wrong with the installation. So you’re not alone. Hope NI fixes this problem soon.

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    Re: GPO in OSX: My Experience


    Glad you are having good success with GOS. I also want you to get good results with GPO and I believe you can.

    From my records, it seems you have the very first version of the Kontakt Player. Since then, there have been two upgrades to the player posted. I see you are working in ProTools which uses the RTAS version of the player. The first version of the Player did not have RTAS implemented very well. Many of the issues with ProTools were resolved in the later updates so I urge you to install the updates. Also, I urge you to call with any support issues. Each system is unique and there are various factors that can have an effect on performance. Many people are already making great music with Mac OSX and GPO (as shown by many Mac demos). So keep in touch and we\'ll do our best to get you up and running.

    Let me reiterate what I posted elsewhere regarding GPO and Macs. Things are working a whole lot better on Macs since the first release. There have been two updates to the player and most of the improvements have been Mac issues. A third update is expected soon. If you haven\'t done so already, download the most recent Player updates.

    I remember that until recently, many a Mac user had to go out and purchase a PC for their sampling needs. Mac users were previously left out of the sampling revolution. This is changing now thanks to the efforts made by Native Instruments and other companies. But there is still room for improvement and that is why NI is continuously updating the player. It seems that things are finally beginning to stabilize with the Mac OS and better performance can be expected across the board.

    As I mentioned in another post, OSX has been difficult for everyone, not just Native Instruments. Apple has been changing the specs as they go from OS9, OSX, Jaguar to Panther. There\'s been a rewrite of the audio spec every step on the migration. Many software companies are experiencing difficulties. Even Logic which is owned by Apple has some bugs needing to be resolved. My hands are tied as I have to rely on NI and Apple and there is little I can do.

    I would love nothing more than to have things work on Mac as well as they do on PC. That is PRECISELY what I expected when I licensed the NI Player. One of the main reasons I licensed the NI Kontakt Player is because I wanted Mac users to enjoy orchestral sampling. Believe me, I want every GPO customer to be happy with the product. I do not want Mac users to feEl like they are 2nd class citizens and I share your frustration.

    One option is to keep updating. I believe Apple, Native Instruments and others will eventually get their acts together. When they do, it will be a system that will be unbeatable. And perhaps it may again be the PC guys who are jealous of their Mac counterparts.

    Another option is to go with another sample playback engine that works better on Mac (or develop our own). It seems, however, that all engines are having their difficulty with OSX, but this is certainly an option.

    The final option is to abandon the Mac platform altogether and just make PC products in the future. 90% of my support calls are Mac related. Most of our development costs go towards the Mac but the vast majority of our sales are for the PC. Recent posts make me want to withdraw from making Mac products in the future. With so much support, cost, effort, the reliance on NI and Apple, you can see why this would be an attractive option. I don\'t want a single unhappy user.

    In the meantime, what do GPO users think? Be patient and work though it? Go with another Player? Should we forget about future Mac products altogether?

    Let me know what your thoughts are.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO in OSX: My Experience

    Hi Gary,

    This is my first post on this forum, and am pleased to say that my experiences of GPO on X have been completely the opposite. I am running Logic 6.3.3 on the latest version of Panther, and having downloaded the latest version of the Kontakt player and everything, my setup is perfect. Excellent CPU use, i can even freeze the Kontakt player using Logic\'s new freeze function.

    totally the opposite experience to the poster of this thread. The only slight niggle is that the interface of the Ambience reverb does not come up in logic, only the \"controls\" version.

    Congratulations Gary -- and continue to support OS X -- it does work, it is stable, and we are out here!

    Best wishes,


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    Re: GPO in OSX: My Experience


    I\'ve been grappling with this issue first hand ever since GPO was first released and it has not been easy. My dream (and yours apparently) of having an affordable, easy to use orchestra on my desktop is now within reach but we are still not there.

    I\'ve come to the conclusion that I cannot afford to run NI stuff on my Panther rig anymore. I\'m going to have to wait until I get the all clear from other users. In my attempt to run Kontakt and GPO I have stripped my system to the bone twice and wiped my boot drive once. NI\'s auth tool is fatally flawed, spewing out serial system ID numbers and reporting hardware changes where there are none.(and more, but I don\'t want to dwell) I just can\'t allow this to happen anymore.

    All the Spectrasonics stuff runs great on Panther and Jaguar with the UVI engine. Logic runs, DP runs, Reason runs. NI stuff does not run. (Klamdring is an anomaly from what I know)

    I\'ll buy a PC if I have to but, frankly, I\'m up to my neck in the learning curve and am not eager to add to my load.

    I\'d like to see NI given a deadline with some objective criteria to be met in terms of stability and performance. Not too long either, they\'ve already had two years (or more)

    If they can\'t produce, they should be shelved and another engine employed for use on OSX. Your wonderful library deserves it and so do we.


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    Re: GPO in OSX: My Experience

    Hi Gary,

    I am a Mac user since 1984. I am just getting started with the orchestral sampling path and certainly plan on buying GPO as well as other sampling libraries. I am not a pro, but I am a serious hobbyist. I am always dismayed at the problems we hear about hard-disk-streaming or performance issues related to the Mac.

    That said, I hope that you will continue to support the Mac platform with your fine products. And I think NI deserves credit and support for their efforts at hard drive streaming for the Mac. We know its a rocky road and we should recognize their contributions even though there are still problems. We certainly want these issues resolved.

    However, something is wrong in Appleland with pro-audio hard-drive streaming.

    Is Apple aware of this? Are they aware of the bad press they get from the many Apple users here who want to stick with Apple but are hearing horror stories? The users who are ready to buy a G5, but then instead buy PCs for the streaming? We want performance, stability, and ease of use equal or superior to the PC world.

    I would like Steve Jobs to personally know that they are in danger of losing an important [though not the largest] segment of the music market if they don\'t get their act together quickly. They should provide assistance at the highest levels to the programmers in companies such as NI, MOTU, Steinberg, Digidesign, and Logic. Everyone has had issues on this path. These and other companies, as well as your\'s, Gary, are devoted to putting out great Apple products. GPO is a great Apple product. However, we are haunted by issues and \"somehow\" stuck in the mire of OS X. What gives Apple? [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] If it\'s an OS problem, fix the OS.

    So, Gary, please excuse my ranting. If you have any Apple contacts, ask them read about the many problems and threads that are tarnishing the image of Macs as one of the best tools to use for music production. Ask them to do something about it! Otherwise the feature movies we see in the future may say NOT Made on a Mac. It truly pains me to think that Apple has dropped the audio/streaming ball with all of the resources at their disposal.

    Help us, Apple. Help your competitors (to Apple Logic). You need everyone.


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    Re: GPO in OSX: My Experience

    GPO doesn\'t use streaming. It\'s purely ram based. There is nothing wrong with hard disk streaming on the mac nor any reason why it can\'t be done or has some inherent problem. EXS uses a seperate DFD install (just like any other softsampler would have to employ) and it works just fine. Has good performance to boot.

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    Re: GPO in OSX: My Experience


    I have had no trouble with GPO, Logic 6.3.3, and OSX 10.3.2. We are the ones that unfortunately you don\'t hear from as often, but I suspect there are are a lot of delighted Mac GPO users out there.

    I\'m sorry to hear that so far the Mac side has been both more trouble and less sales but I would strongly urge you to hang in there with the Mac. It does seem like the bugs are being ironed out and clearly Apple is now starting to make a push into music creation (with Logic Pro and GarageBand) like what they did with video. I hope that will bring a rising tide that will give a real boost to GPO.

    Thanks again for all you have for the Mac side.

    Robert Gilman

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