I am trying to export a GPO piece out of Cubasis. I do the \"export audio\" thing, I hear the speeded-up audio as the file is being created, and a file is created that seems to be of a proper size.

When I open the file, however, it is silent in Windows Media Player. Not a single note on WAV or MP3.

What do I set in GPO or elsewhere to make the file play?
What do I set in Cubasis?

I have GPO Studio configured as follows: Preferences=44100kHz, buffer size 512.
Audio Driver=[MME]SoundMax Digital Audio out (that\'s what came with my portable).
Any help appreciated; kindly forgive operator error!

***************LATE ADDITION***************
I see in the archives that GPO Studio will NOT export audio via Cubasis...off I go to the \"regular\" GPO!!