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Topic: harmonium sound with GPO

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    harmonium sound with GPO

    Hi all.
    How can I mimic the sound of an harmonium starting from organ patches available in GPO4?
    Any suggestion?
    Thank you
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    Re: harmonium sound with GPO

    It Looks like the best you're going to do for a realistic harmonium patch is Harmonium of the Opera from Bolder Sounds, on sale for $38.35. It does require the full version of Kontakt 4+ although it will run in the Kontakt player for 30 minutes in Demo Mode.

    If you have SampleTank there are harmoniums in Squids Exclusive Tron Extras at EsoundZ, on sale for $45.00 but I'm sure the Bolder Sounds patches are of higher quality.


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    Re: harmonium sound with GPO

    FWIW - Earlier versions of Kontakt included a harmonium instrument in the library that shipped with it.

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