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Topic: New GPO Demo: "White Wolf"

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    New GPO Demo: "White Wolf"

    OKay... here\'s my first fairly bare bones GPO demo (http://mywebpages.comcast.net/foster.payne/ww_wavemaster_gpo.wma) entitled \"White Wolf.\" And by bare bones I mean there are no fermatas or any serious dynamic effects.

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    Re: New GPO Demo: "White Wolf"

    I really like this piece. Very dynamic! With some programming (ie. legato and expressive control) this will really shine. Great for \'bare bones.\' Could you post this again when you are finished?

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    Re: New GPO Demo: "White Wolf"


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    Re: New GPO Demo: "White Wolf"

    Okay, using controller 64 I cannot seem to control very well the suppossed \"legato\" in the strings of this piece. Would controller 67 (Pedal Soft) be better?

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    Re: New GPO Demo: "White Wolf"

    It must be CC64. Don\'t forget to change your Pedal mode in the Options menu. It must be the 2nd item in the dropdown (don\'t know the exact name without looking at it).

    Start the first note of the phrase with the pedal up. Push the pedal down after the first note starts and before the 2nd note of the phrase. Release the pedal at the end of the phrase.

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