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Topic: Logic and Midi Channel Configurations

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    Logic and Midi Channel Configurations

    Hey all,

    Congratulation Gary on a fantastic product.

    As i have already mentioned on another thread, GPO is running fantastically on my system, 17inch Powerbook, Logic 6.3.3, latest version of Panther.

    I am trying to configure the midi channels in Logic so that i can play my loaded patches in the Kontakt player. Let me explain. The player can load up to eight different patches on one instance of the player. In the midi channel box on the player, any instruments set to channel one or omni play alltogether when i play a note on my midi keyboard. Now if i instruct a patch in the Player to play on midi channel two, i want to be able to select Audio instrument 2 (which is set on midi channel 2 in Logic) and be able to play that instrument from that channel.

    Am I doing something wrong, or can someone give me a hand as to how to set this up? I have set my keyboard to transmit on midi channel two, but it make no difference. I get nothing out of the player.

    Any help would be appreciated...would be more processor efficient to do it this way rather than having a separate instance of the player for each single instrument!

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Logic and Midi Channel Configurations

    Right click on the midi channel or on the word omni and choose the proper midi port on the kontact interface. This should help.

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    Re: Logic and Midi Channel Configurations

    Ed I think what you\'re referring to is a logic wackout thing. I have the same problem. The AudioInst objects are not multi-tibral in Logic. Which blows. There is a work around which I\'ll share but it is a bit time consuming. If you know your work space will always be the same or similar you could create a template though. Anyway, the work around goes somewhat like this:

    Decide which audio instrument you want to use. Let\'s say instrument 2.

    In your environment go to the file menu and create a new audio object (the one at the very bottom). I usually create about 10 right in a row.

    Drag those objects to the bottom of your environment mixer so they don\'t get in the way when they expand.

    Select 7 of them (or however many you want) and in the properties box selece the source to be \"instrument 2\". Or you can do whatever instrument you want to add to.

    Then go object by object and set the name and MIDI channel.

    Then in your arrange window you can pull up each channel on a different track.

    It\'s works fine once you set it up, but it\'s a pain to set up. I\'m hoping Emagic will address this issue soon. Multi-tibral audio instruments are still pretty new and Emagic didn\'t plan for them when they designed their software. Hopefully in the new future we\'ll see a multi-instrument object available in the environment.


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    Re: Logic and Midi Channel Configurations


    Thanks so much for your solution! Yep, you are right, it is a Logic thing....but actually it doesnt bother me too much, though it would be a good thing to get fixed. I find that instances of the Kontakt player dont really take up that much CPU at all, contrary to what some people on Protools / SX have been saying, so at the mo i am happy to have individual players.

    I can always freeze them! thanks for the workaround....doesnt it mean you have a whole lot of new stuff to look through in your arrange though? Because as well as the audio instrument channels you would have to have your dedicated one for the Player?

    Cheers again,


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