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Topic: Marcatto Strings Suggestions?

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    Marcatto Strings Suggestions?

    Based on what marcatto is, I decided to use the short bowing style in the GPO library for my various strings. I am wondering, however, if there may be a better way to do this (the short bowings are rather quiet).

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    Re: Marcatto Strings Suggestions?

    Originally posted by FossMan:
    ...(the short bowings are rather quiet).
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Look at your note velocities. [... stuff deleted by me, after I looked up short bows in the manual]

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    Re: Marcatto Strings Suggestions?

    The volume of the short bows is controlled by velocity. The harder you play, the louder the sound (and more aggresive). Make sure your controller is putting out velocities up to 127. The short bows should be just as loud as the sustain+short at the highest velocities.

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