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Topic: Anyone using GPO with Cubase SX for Mac?!?

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    Anyone using GPO with Cubase SX for Mac?!?

    Hello! I\'ve been reading about and listening to the GPO... and my tax return finally arrived today... so it\'s time for me make a decision. I\'ve been reading about the Mac issues, so I\'m just a little bit wary. I haven\'t run across anyone successfully (or unsuccessfully) using the GPO in Cubase SX for Mac yet. Anyone care to comment?

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    Re: Anyone using GPO with Cubase SX for Mac?!?

    I have been using GPO on a SP 733 G4/1.5GB RAM/Cubase SX 1.06. I have not encountered any major problems.

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    Re: Anyone using GPO with Cubase SX for Mac?!?

    I run a 1GHz, 15\" Titanium Powerbook G4 with 1GHz of RAM (according to specs, it will not take more RAM, so I am maxed out). I am running OSX (10.3.2)

    My audio interface is an Edirol UA-5 (USB).

    I use Cubase SX v1.0.6. I too am afraid to update to 2.0, for fear of the processor load.

    Thanks to everyone for their advice! Please keep it coming!

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    Re: Anyone using GPO with Cubase SX for Mac?!?

    If it matters, I also have Hallion 2.0

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    Re: Anyone using GPO with Cubase SX for Mac?!?

    Running GPO with SX2 under OS 10.3.2on a MDD 2x1250 MHz w/2 G RAM and it works fine, but I haven\'t put it under too heavy load yet [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    RAM is definetily an issue with the KontaktPlayer.

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    Re: Anyone using GPO with Cubase SX for Mac?!?

    I tried GPO on my brother powerbook 15, G4 1.33 Ghz, OSX 10.3, cubase sl 1.06 and I reached the limit with 17 instruments playing together and the reverber on with high quality setup and 4 kontakt player instances (a string orchestra made up with ens instruments). The instruments were all playing with an \"andante\" tempo.
    I forgot to look at the RAM so it can be that I reached the RAM limit and not the CPU one (512 Mbyte).
    This is my experience. I have an ibook and I\'m waiting to change it hoping apple puts out the new powerbooks.

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    Re: Anyone using GPO with Cubase SX for Mac?!?

    i\'m on a G4 dual 1.25 with 1 gig RAM. i\'m using SX 1.06 and it runs decent. it is admittedly far from perfect. it gets cranky with three instances of GPO using 6080% of the memory.

    i\'m hesitant to upgrade to SX 2.0 because of what i hear about its memory usage.

    it\'s not unworkable, but having lots of GPO instruments tends to be quite a chore.

    i just tend to Save my projects a lot (there is a slight chance it crashes the more instruments i have) and i also do a lot of audio bouncing. it\'s tedious but i\'ve gotten used to it, so it suffices my needs, (which aren\'t much since i\'m only a hobbyist/student)

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    Re: Anyone using GPO with Cubase SX for Mac?!?

    Well, it depends on what configuration of Mac hardware, what version of OS, and what type of hardware and host application you\'re using. In a lot of ways, using a Mac is no different than using a PC. [Houston dons his flame-retardant underwear] [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] 13\'s reponse above is tracable to all of those other factors, and not to GPO or the NI Kontakt player. My understanding is that the VST implementation of GPO is as stable on Mac as it is with PC.

    Are you going to buy into a platform as well as all of the attendant interface and sequencer hardware, or do you already have a system setup and will be adding GPO? If you have a config that you\'re going to stay with, listing it here would be a help as to finding someone with a like config and can perhaps give you some performance guidlines.

    My basic advice to to \"own up\" to the fact that this is a latest/greatest tool that requires a modern system to run it. Likewise, I would highly recommend that if you use Cubase, that you go ahead and go with SX 2. If your system won\'t support it, then IMNSHO you need a better system.

    This also cascades down to advice on virtual instruments. GPO runs in RAM. If that\'s a concern with your current config, you might want to consider updating your Mac\'s memory footprint first. If you\'re going to go with disk streamimg, then you\'ll also be in for buying the full version of the Kontakt sampler, which has it\'s own set of baggage with streaming on the Mac with it\'s DFD extension.

    Look at your current setup, your budget, and your goals, and go from there. You may also want to ask about Cubase SX and the Mac on the Steinberg support forum, if you can wade through the noise factor there. Native Insturments has a forum here, and there may be some threads on performance of their tools on the Mac platform. Good luck in your search.

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    Re: Anyone using GPO with Cubase SX for Mac?!?

    For two weeks I\'ve been researching orchestral and string libraries. I\'ve listened to countless online demos. I\'ve read forums, emailed friends, and read reviews. When all was said and done, I decided to go with GPO. I ordered it today.

    With the level of care and support given to the product, the free upgrades, the promise of future add on products, the promise of ongoing Mac support, and the excellent sound-to-money ratio, I decided that GPO was my best bet for what I need currently. Thanks to all who offered advice! I\'m sure I\'ll see you around this forum!

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    Re: Anyone using GPO with Cubase SX for Mac?!?

    Just my two cents.....

    In Front of me are two computer systems. You did guess it, one is an Mac MDD / 1.25 with 2 Gigs of Ram and the other is a PC with XP / 1 GB Ram. The Mac has Cubase SX 2 and Logic 6.3.3 installed and the PC only Cubase SX. On the PC side Kontakt and GPO is running just fine, on the Mac side , problems. problems. problems.....

    Besides the music production I do like the Mac better. This use to be the other way round.....

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