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Topic: What librarys go well with GPO?

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    What librarys go well with GPO?

    What librarys do you think go well ith GPO? SAM Horns? Dan Dean? Or do you just use GPO solo. It just seems so small (2GB) that I am assuming it has its fauls and folks might be suplementing other discs with GPO. thanks...any info is great.

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    Re: What librarys go well with GPO?

    I have quite a few of the bigger libraries but still use GPO for 75% or more of my instruments. Mainly because of the programming and size of the instruments. I throw in some GOS, London Orchestra Percussion, Dan Dean Woodwinds and QLSO Silver instruments here and there. The SAM Horns are also nice when I need unison brass lines.

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    Re: What librarys go well with GPO?

    Hi aleatoric,
    I can assure (as you can hear from my demos) that the GPO is absolutely complete, and it offer to you many-many-many things that other libraries don\'t have (such the enesemble maker). It is true when you talk about only 2 gigs of samples, but I really think that those gigs are organized in a really smart way, more than a 20-30 gigs(old-fashioned) library. GPO is a look into the future, and I\'m sure that you will be able to understand it. Anyway, don\'t hesitate to contact me for any question,I\'m at your disposition to clear all your doubts.

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    Re: What librarys go well with GPO?

    no way.

    Franseco, are the \"samples\" on your sight purely GPO!?! If so I am amazed with Realization! Incredible! I really would like to just use GPO but just really honestly cant believe that it is only 2GB....I have Halion Strings Edition and that is just Strings and is 5.5GB.....and that is the type of quality I am hearing come from the GPO demos with two gb! You are proably right regarding the structure of the two gigs....proably some sharing between patches going on and other smart things. I guess I cant get over what I am hearing with GPO and the size of it! Although the more and more I hear the demos the more I am convinced with the right compositional skills and programming it is all one could ever need. The fact Hadyn has these other librarys including EWQLSO Silver and still uses GPO 75% of the time is pretty assuring too. I like the idea of working with what you\'ve got as well....with a intimate library like GPO it seems it will come like your old acoustic guitar to you. You start relizing all the tricks....what sounds good, what is excels at what etc and being pushing forward with that.

    Also the idea that GPO is more cpu effiecient than others (more that Silver I assume) allows an opening to more processing. I own Altiverb and the Waves Platinum bundle and am confident from what I have read that my machine can handle mutiple instances of GPO with effects. This really opens up alot as you can proably than achieve the great hall like sounds of the other huge orchestra librarys that have built in samples of far away mic placement.

    One last question, how does the velocity response feel? I know GPO is multilayered samples but generally how does it feel say when you sit down and simply play a violin or flute patch on your midi keyboard?

    thanks again! and amazing stuff Franseco!

    ACTION is pretty intense and I do relize some of those sounds aren\'t in GPO

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    Re: What librarys go well with GPO?

    I have to agree with what\'s been said above and tell you that GPO is the ornly orchestral lib I own along side GOS. I love the fact that I don\'t have to spend six months salary on the tool, but can get it to sound like I did!

    GPO\'s velocity is very good, the ONLY instrument that feels funny to me is the Steinway Lite, and it is a lite instrument so I can\'t complain... I use it while sketching and then load the full one for the final rendering, but the velocity seems to jump a little too extreme in the lite version.

    The rest are beautiful...

    If you do decide to go with GPO (which I would HIGHLY recommend) make sure you check out Solo Violin #3, it is amazing! The solo strings are worth the price alone...

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    Re: What librarys go well with GPO?

    If you plan to expand your libraries, or want options in the future, definitely consider VSL\'s Opus 1. Excellent quality and relatively affordable; VSL and Garritan cooperate so that you have an upgrade price to it if you own GPO (or the other way around). Dan Dean\'s collections and SAM Horns are great as well.

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    Re: What librarys go well with GPO?

    Hi aleatoric,
    I did ACTION before to by my GPO, anyway I was using the GOS lite for the strings. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: What librarys go well with GPO?

    There have been many threads here on this highly controversal topic, so I won\'t elaborate much.

    I see GPO as being your only tool depending on your concept of what \'orchestral sound\' is supposed to be.

    For some here, it is beng able to emulate current popular film scores.

    For others, it is in very realistic and expressive performances of great classical works (or original works with that same kind of expression!).

    GPO is for me now, the \'essential toolkit\', from which I build my original compositions.

    I start my compositions with GPO all the time now. I then use my older libraries like SAM brass and Dan Dean to \'fill in\' where I think a bigger or meatier sound might be needed or with articulations not achieveable with GPO alone (this is not as often as you might think! GPO can really surprise you).

    I have always tended to grab everything around me to build music, but I have also wanted for years to have something as expressive (and inexpensive!) as GPO. It takes the concept started by Roland with the Edirol Orchestra, and uses such good samples and extraordinary programming (Kontakt is fabulous for orchestral samples--I have ported my SAM and other libraries to it) that it has beat everybody at their own game.

    It goes back then to what I said above about what you expect to hear when somebody says \"orchestra\".

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    Re: What librarys go well with GPO?

    I find that for big brass sounds, I like to add SAM horns, trumpets and bones, as well as their free timpani. For extra percussion, G-Town is excellent (and PayPal shareware!). For a darker piano sound, Malsjmo, and for more string articulations, GOS. Eventually, I\'m going to add VSL Opus 1 or EWQL Gold.

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    Re: What librarys go well with GPO?

    Does anyone use HAlion Strings Edition? These strings sound pretty good to me. Anyone else got this? like it?

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