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Topic: Wet vs Dry Instruments

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    Wet vs Dry Instruments

    Seriously, what is the difference between the wet and dry GPO instruments? I\'m at school right now and can\'t check the difference for myself on my home PC.

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    Re: Wet vs Dry Instruments

    The wet have reverb, the dry don\'t. For the sake of your CPU, it\'s best to go with the dry while tracking, then add reverb as needed in the mix.

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    Re: Wet vs Dry Instruments

    Ah, cool. Thanks.

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    Re: Wet vs Dry Instruments

    What kind of reverb are the wet samples using? Is it a real life recorded reverb or a software emulated one?

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    Re: Wet vs Dry Instruments

    I believe it\'s the standard Kontakt verb that comes with the player.

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