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Topic: SAM Horns

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    SAM Horns

    do you usually compensate for the delay?

    I don\'t mean the audio/soundcard latency type of delay. The way they were sampled (excellent quality btw) was to preserve their attack. So playing quantized notes on some articulations (even staccato) makes them sound a bit behind...Anyone having any comments please?

    p.s. sorry for posting it here, I know I should have gonne to the Libraries forum - my mistake! And I can\'t transfer it now, can I?

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    Re: SAM Horns

    Most sequencers have a time function to move the tracks forwards or backwards. This helps fine tune the feel of tracks and to also help with dragging latencies. Staccato samples normally attack sooner than a legato sample so either the legato samples need to be moved up or the staccato samples back. After you do a couple tracks, you\'ll be able to dial in the numbers pretty close.

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    Re: SAM Horns

    I have noticed a definete delay with the Marcato samples as they kind of swell into the note. Just turn off snapping and drag them forward a little if need be.

    In fact, I have also noticed this with the GOS aggressive short bows, they seem to need to sit a little bit ahead of the beat.

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