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Topic: Beware of Virtual Audio Cable!!!

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    Beware of Virtual Audio Cable!!!

    I recently downloaded VAC in an attempt to record the output of GPO studio. Tonight I tried it for the first time, reconfiguring the audio preferences in both GPO studio (VAC out) and the bundled cubasis (VAC in).

    The result??? It crashed, and now I can\'t access anything GPO or cubasis-related on my computer!!! GPO and GPO studio refuse to start, citing a problem with the .exe file. Attempting to start Cubasis simply freezes the computer. At first I thought it was just a problem with Studio, so I redownloaded and installed it. I also reinstalled GPO. To no avail. I attempted to reinstall Cubasis, but my computer froze up during the installation.

    My computer now refuses to use GPO and Cubasis!!!

    Does this mean I can\'t use it again without having to buy a new computer?!? I\'m mad!

    Don\'t use virtual audio cable!!!!!

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    Re: Beware of Virtual Audio Cable!!!

    You have Windows?
    VAC is some application, right?
    Then uninstall VAC and recover the last register backup. This usually solves a lot of problems.
    What\'s the full name of the file that crashes GPO?

    And don\'t worry, you don\'t have to buy a new computer. Just reinstall Windows if nothing else helps. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Beware of Virtual Audio Cable!!!

    I used VAC here and it worked perfectly. Perhaps the problem is somewhere else? Did you try uninstalling VAC?

    -- Martin

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    Re: Beware of Virtual Audio Cable!!!

    I used to use virtual audio cable when I was running Win98ME, it worked great but Microsoft worked hard to plug the hole, so to speak so vac won\'t work at all under Win XP. If your using that OS forget it.

    And it\'s hard to remove completely from XP for some reason....

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    Re: Beware of Virtual Audio Cable!!!

    I installed VAC on a XP system and it worked from the very first moment on.

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    Re: Beware of Virtual Audio Cable!!!

    I too use XP. I was able to get everything running again, but VAC won\'t work. I uninstalled it, but it doesn\'t seem to be completely uninstalled, as nexus said. For some reason this now prevents any reinstallation.

    Sorry about my little tirade the other night, it was late, I was tired, and I\'m stupid...

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    Re: Beware of Virtual Audio Cable!!!

    If you are running XP, try the system restore and go back to before you installed VAC. I downloaded VAC over the weekend and suffered similar problems and system restore corrected it. Before you restore, uninstall VAC completely. Then go back to a point when you know your system was fine.
    I’ll stick to the “old world” method for now.

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    Re: Beware of Virtual Audio Cable!!!

    Hi, Styxx, thanks for the tip. I haven\'t been able to uninstall VAC completely, somehow it won\'t let me. I don\'t have a ton of time to spend working on music, and I hate using what little time I have on issues like this. Thus, I\'ve given up on messing with VAC, and I\'m very excited about the future GPO studio update.

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    Re: Beware of Virtual Audio Cable!!!

    Hi RichG

    I also tried Virtual Audio Cable out, and as you say, it doesn\'t seem to uninstall completely.

    I removed all VAC related entries in the registry (as un-installing the usual way didn\'t seem to remove them), but I still had problems. I use Windows XP, and this is how I finally fixed the problem:

    Open up the Volume Control window and from there go to Options -> Properties, and make sure \"Virtual Cable\" is NOT selected as the main \"Mixer device:\" which it probably is if you\'re having problems (just select your usual sound card instead).

    After doing that, everything was back to normal, at least for me. Hope it helps for others as well.



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    Re: Beware of Virtual Audio Cable!!!

    Originally posted by mathis:
    I installed VAC on a XP system and it worked from the very first moment on.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I\'m a little confused as to how to set up VAC correctly. The 3 minute demo limit is ridiculously short. Their instructions suggest uninstalling and re-installing the program every 3 minutes!

    I\'m using Sonar on WinXP, with a Mia sound card. I discovered I have to set GPO Studio output to a DirectSound output first, but I\'m confused as to the IN and OUT settings of the Virtual Cable in the Audio Repeater utility. Also, what is the input selection in Sonar for recording the audio generated by GPO Studio?

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