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Topic: New Updates

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    New Updates

    New application updates are now available to all users of GPO. If you received GPO after mid February, you\'ll already have these on your discs. The updates can get all existing users of GPO up to the exact same functionality as the very newest users.

    The new updates are: Update patch for Overture (mac/win), new GPO Studio (mac/win - make sure you uninstall your old version before installing the new one), GPO Studio Midi Inputs utility for sequencing on a different computer than GPO (the inputs run on windows), and Midi File Translator (mac/win).

    You can download the updates from www.garritan.com/support.html


    If you download the Overture updates, you MUST also download/install the newest GPO Studio.

    If you download GPO Studio and intend to use Overture with it, you MUST also download/install the latest Overture. Please uninstall the previous version of GPO Studio before installing the new version.

    If you download the Midi Inputs utility, you MUST also download/install the latest version of GPO Studio.

    The Midi File Translator doesn\'t have any special download prerequisites [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: New Updates

    Thanks for these Jeff. They\'re great!

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    Re: New Updates

    Does the GPO Studio update include being able to see Ambience on an 800x600 screen? I sure hope so. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: New Updates

    > Does the GPO Studio update include being able to see Ambience on an 800x600 screen?

    Yep [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: New Updates

    Thanks for the update. I\'m having a problem with installing the midi input program. I get an error message saying that I must install GPO Studio first. I did uninstall the old GPO Studio and I installed the Studio update, twice.

    What is wrong?


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    Re: New Updates

    Regarding the support page: I think I have the latest updates, but something that would help me out is to have the date of the update. Not saying that it is difficult to open each program and check version numbers, but it is quicker yet to see the date and know if I have updated since then.

    Not sure if that sentence made any sense grammatically or otherwise. FWIW

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    Re: New Updates

    Originally posted by Jeff Hurchalla:
    New application updates are now available to all users of GPO.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Jeff,

    Thanks for making the MIDI Input Utility available. Some issues, though. It will pick up MIDI data from all 4 ports, but only on the first 8 channels!

    GPO Player 1: Port 1 - channels 1-8....OK
    GPO Player 2: Port 1 - channels 9-16...nothing
    GPO Player 3: Port 2 - channels 1-8....OK
    GPO Player 4: Port 2 - channels 9-16...nothing
    GPO Player 5: Port 3 - channels 1-8....OK
    GPO Player 6: Port 3 - channels 9-16...nothing
    GPO Player 7: Port 4 - channels 1-8....OK
    GPO Player 8: Port 4 - channels 9-16...nothing

    I double-checked my GigaStudio setup just to make sure my MIDI interfaces are properly configured and all port/channels are working. And yes, each GPO player is set to the correct MIDI channels.

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    Re: New Updates

    There was a typo in the text file description of the midi inputs, which may explain the unexpected results you had with the inputs. The correct mapping is:
    Port1 ch 1-8 -> GPO player 1 ch 1-8
    Port1 ch 9-16 -> player 2 ch 1-8
    Port2 ch 1-8 -> player 3 ch 1-8
    Port2 ch 9-16 -> player 4 ch 1-8
    Port3 ch 1-8 -> player 5 ch 1-8
    Port3 ch 9-16 -> player 6 ch 1-8
    Port4 ch 1-8 -> player 7 ch 1-8
    Port4 ch 9-16 -> player 8 ch 1-8

    Did this help you? BTW, we updated the text file description to correct the errors that were in it. Thanks to G Rudoph for first pointing out these typos.

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    Re: New Updates

    Rick, check your private messages and I\'ll try to help you out.

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    Re: New Updates

    Are you planning to put a disable button to disable the istances not used? it should be nice also to have a litte \"equalizer\" that show the level of the souds coming out from each istance.

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